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diversity washington schools
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  • diversity washington schools

    Why isn’t there more diversity among teachers in Washington schools?

    Teacher of the Year Nate Bowling says that because students of color have bad experiences in schools, they tend to not have any interest in becoming teachers. Yet Washington lacks diversity in its teaching staff.
  • criminal justice

    Why criminal justice reform is gaining bipartisan support

    National criminal justice reform is gaining bipartisan support, while Washington voters are also moving forward similar measures locally. Washington State University Professor David Makin explains why.
  • christmas

    Man vs HOA: Winning a legal fight over 200K Christmas lights

    An Idaho man ran afoul of his HOA when he put on a massive Christmas display with live camels and 200,000 lights. Unlike many legal challenges to HOAs, this man just won on the grounds of religious discrimination.
  • social media, russian propaganda, facebook

    Ross: A very special Facebook holiday song

    It happened again. Facebook shared user data without users' consent – so that you could be targeted with irresistible ads. It’s the same old song, and that song goes like this...
  • amazon facial recognition

    Amazon’s plans for facial recognition doorbell concerns ACLU

    The ACLU is concerned about Amazon facial recognition technology and its plans for Ring, their doorbell that takes videos of whoever is at the door.
  • youtube

    The line between us, YouTube, and censorship

    Congress periodically flirts with the idea of imposing controls on social media. Companies like Google have taken the hint. But how can it monitor 400 hours of video a minute on YouTube?
  • doctor's office, health care, gun control, health care

    Ross: What happens if we get No-bamacare?

    With the Affordable Care Act -- aka Obamacare -- at risk of going away, what will happen to health care in America? In short, you might want to have a major illness sooner than later.
  • I-1631 carbon fee, climate change

    Ross: Back from the future, with a warning

    There was a big UN meeting last weekend to discuss climate change. Everyone could agree on the problem, but not how to solve it. Some things never change.
  • orca, killer whale

    Expert skeptical of Washington state’s orca-saving proposal

    The conversation around saving Puget Sound's southern resident orca have missed a few major points, according to one expert that is skeptical of plans to save the ailing killer whales.
  • IRS

    How to solve the tax gap, erase the deficit, and build a wall

    During November, the federal government spent twice as much as it took in. Biggest monthly deficit on record. Which is why some are calling for more IRS auditors to get rich people to pay their fair share.
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