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Erin Sitterley, trump
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  • Erin Sitterley, trump

    Michael Medved: Why President Trump should not run for a second term

    Conservative commentator Michael Medved argues that circumstances have grown so bad for President Trump, that he should not get a second term and Republicans have some decisions to make.
  • michael cohen

    Ross: Can we believe Michael Cohen after he cried ‘wolf’?

    Can anyone believe an admitted liar like Michael Cohen? It's like the story about the boy who cried wolf. Thing is, sometimes that boy told the truth. What were the consequences?
  • I-1639 Lewis County, guns, gun

    Ross: Who are these gun grabbers in disguise?

    The gun debate always brings up talk of "gun grabbing." But who are the gun grabbers? We should find out with the first significant firearm bills proposed in 26 years.
  • green new deal

    Ross: How much green is too much green for a new deal?

    Senate Republicans are eager to force a vote on the Green New Deal, hoping to out Socialists. But perhaps they should have a vote on a bill of their own to counter the Green New Deal.
  • oscars

    Ross: Living the dream, and the lesson, after the Oscars

    It was a strange sensation watching the Oscars this year. I wonder if there is a theme among the movies being honored, and any lessons winners can take home.
  • Jussie Smollett

    Jussie Smollett story hoax distracts from true hate crimes

    The undoing of Jussie Smollett is complete, but that doesn't mean we should doubt every story about a hate crime.
  • Safe injection sites

    Rob McKenna: Seattle ‘should wait’ on plans for safe injection sites

    As a federal lawsuit regarding safe injection sites plays out in Philadelphia, former Washington State AG Rob McKenna advises caution for Seattle as it moves forward with plans of its own.
  • neo banking, neo bank, washington post

    Ross: Washington Post didn’t act alone, social media helped

    Attorneys for Nicholas Sandmann are now suing the Washington Post for defamation. But were there other actors just as guilty as The Post for spreading a misleading video?
  • autobahn

    Ross: What could go wrong on a freeway with no speed limits?

    A California state senator wants to have freeway lanes with no speed limits, like the German Autobahn. He argues it would lessen congestion and make traffic better.
  • Bill Weld

    Ross: A Republican jumps in to challenge President Trump

    Bill Weld, a Republican, has stepped up to challenge President Trump. He wants to fight socialism of the Democrats, but will first have to face Republicans suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.
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