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How to pick the best Christmas tree

This weekend is among the biggest Christmas tree weekends. Inevitably, people going out to get a tree for the first time have questions. I thought I'd try to answer some here for you.

Former exotic dancer: Pierce County needs to do more for women in adult entertainment industry

The Pierce County Council is considering a measure that would require adult erotic dancers to go through a training program before they would be allowed to be employed in the industry. While that's a good step, a former exotic dancer in the community says she'd like to see the county do even more.

Washington's poster-child health exchange has glitch-filled opening weekend

It was a bumpy opening weekend for the Washington state health insurance exchange where people buy insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Gun control center stage at KTTH Freedom Debate

In KTTH's third Freedom Series Debate, hosts Ben Shapiro and Michael Medved sat down with KIRO Radio's Dave Ross and Ralph Fascitelli, President of Washington Ceasefire, to take on initiatives 594 and 591 and other gun rights issues.

A healthier approach to Death with Dignity

I'm enormously sympathetic to Brittany Maynard and this situation. There's almost nothing I find more terrifying than the kind of death that she's describing here.

Funny timing: Environmentalist donates $1M to WA campaigns as study shows Northwest climate change natural

I find it fascinating that at the same time we get news that the billionaire climate alarmist Tom Steyer is going to dump $1 million into our state senate races that the next day in The Seattle Times, a study comes out that indicates that warming in the Pacific Northwest is because of winds, natural factors.

Trying to understand the protest of Mars Hill Church

I spoke with former Mars Hill Church member Rob Smith Wednesday at 8 a.m. regarding his and others' protests.

Snohomish farmer says water district extorting him by shutting off water during negotiation

A Snohomish farmer is carrying water to his animals after he says the water district shut off his water over a dispute they were having.

If bicyclists aren't willing to share the road, it's time for them to pay a fee

This report is driving me crazy: The Seattle Department of Transportation has banned right turns from Dexter Avenue South to West Mercer Street because of a couple of accidents involving bicycles and cars.

Boze: Abandoning your family without notification should be a crime

One of the local stories that's captured my attention is the mystery of what happened to Jennifer Huston, the missing Oregon mom potentially spotted in the San Juans.

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