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Jason Rantz

  • Jason ditched Seattle for Europe; follow his travels

    He couldn't take it anymore. Jason packed a bag (probably with way too much hair gel and a blow dryer) and jetted over to Europe - specifically Hamburg, Budapest, Stockholm and London.
  • soda tax

    State’s no-soda-tax initiative sets ‘bad precedent’

    Those opposed to a city or state-level soda tax do not necessarily support a proposed no-soda-tax initiative for Washington state, as it could set a dangerous precedent.
  • Sawant, council

    Amidst union anger, rumors swirl Kshama Sawant will retire

    Rumors are swirling that Socialist City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant will not seek re-election, and her office isn’t offering comment.
  • seattle police

    Seattle police guild VP explains why cops are leaving

    Seattle Police Officers Guild Vice President Rich O'Neill counters SPD claims that cops are not leaving the department in large numbers because of a toxic relationship with city leaders.
  • hutchison

    Former state GOP chair Hutchison says Cantwell has been napping

    It didn't take long for Sen. Maria Cantwell to question President Trump's SCOTUS pick. Former Washington GOP Chair Susan Hutchinson says Cantwell is just waking up from her nap.
  • Seattle’s soda tax scam already a huge failure

    It only took three months to reveal Seattle’s soda tax as a monumental failure, Jason Rantz writes.
  • police chief, carmen best

    Officers guild VP comments on latest twist in police chief search

    Seattle's interim police chief has as much of a chance to get the job as the other two remaining finalists, despite originally being passed over for another candidate.
  • presidents

    Activist writer pushes bigotry in disturbing editorial

    The Left proudly proclaims the importance of diversity, while too many of them embrace the notion that we should surround conservatives with mobs, harassing them into submission.
  • police chief

    Carmen Best is back in running for Seattle police chief

    Cameron McLay is no longer in the running for Seattle Police Chief and Carmen Best is now under consideration.
  • Homeless

    Seattle Council struggled to decipher their own homeless spending

    A number of Seattle council members struggled to figure out just how much they were spending to help tackle homelessness, emails reveal.
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