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head tax, seattle city council, saul spady
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Jason Rantz

  • head tax, seattle city council, saul spady

    Saul Spady wants you to prepare for Seattle’s 2019 elections

    Saul Spady is speaking out about Seattle leadership again, after revealing text messages show how some leaders feel about "privileged voters."
  • LEAD

    Rantz: Cops skeptical of ‘ludicrous’ King County plan to legalize drugs, push treatment

    Three cops in Seattle and King County discuss their skepticism that the LEAD program works. Promoted by the region's leaders, LEAD diverts low-level offenders from jail to treatment options.
  • olympia

    Olympia businesses using private security to curb downtown homeless

    Activists in Olympia are protesting businesses who are using private security to clear homeless people from sleeping in front of their entrances.
  • heroin injection sites

    Are heroin injection sites a state’s rights issue?

    Susan Hutchison weighs in on whether safe injection sites are a state's rights issue or if the federal government be intervening.
  • Gonzalez, seattle mayor, text messages

    Text shows Councilmember Gonzalez insulting ‘privileged’ Seattle voters behind their backs

    Seattle Councilmember Lorena González really doesn’t like it when voters disagree with her on policy issues. Text messages show her insulting voters and throwing the mayor under the bus.
  • climate change, Durkan

    Rantz: Out of touch Mayor Durkan dismisses her boss

    Though I wasn’t holding my breath, I had hoped that Mayor Jenny Durkan would end the city’s obsession with pushing a transit-at-all-costs message, but alas, she’s out of touch with drivers.
  • car tab fee

    Is Washington closer to getting a $30 car tab fee?

    Conservative activist Tim Eyman believes we are close to getting a flat $30 car tab fee, and alleges he is being targeted by the state for his politics.
  • Sue Bird

    Rantz: Sue Bird foolishly rejects non-existent invite from White House

    Seattle Storm champion Sue Bird has rejected an invite to stop at the White House to celebrate her team’s WNBA championship. She never got an invite in the first place, however.
  • seattle streetcar

    Is the Seattle streetcar a social justice issue?

    President of Pike Brewing Company Charles Finkel belives the Seattle streetcar project is a social justice issue.
  • cyberstalking law

    Federal lawsuit suggests Washington cyberstalking law violates free speech

    Free speech lawyer Eugene Volokh discusses the case he's bringing against Washington's cyberstalking law, which may infringe on speech.
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