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Jason Rantz

  • Homeless

    Seattle Council struggled to decipher their own homeless spending

    A number of Seattle council members struggled to figure out just how much they were spending to help tackle homelessness, emails reveal.
  • head tax, affordable housing

    Seattle attorney rejects settlement in head tax lawsuit

    A Seattle attorney is expected to reject the city’s offer to settle a lawsuit that accuses council members and the mayor of breaking the law before voting to repeal the controversial head tax.
  • Yes, you should be scared of Seattle crime

    It seems naive to say “folks in Seattle think that crime is a lot worse than it is.” We just know the crime isn’t always reported and aggressive, growling people on streets corners have a menacing effect on neighborhood safety.
  • SODA program

    Monroe adopts SODA ordinance to help fight drug crimes

    The City of Monroe has established a SODA program to keep people charged with drug offenses from returning to areas known for heavy drug crimes.
  • seattle police

    Frustrations grow as ‘heroic’ Seattle officer cleared in ax-man case

    Officer Nick Guzley will not face disciplinary action after subduing an ax-wielding man in Seattle, despite the recommendation from the Office of Professional Accountability that the officer be punished for failure to de-escalate.
  • seattle police

    ‘Mass exodus’ of Seattle officers over disgust with city leadership

    The Seattle Police Department is experiencing a “mass exodus” of officers due to a lack of support from the city.
  • head tax, sawant

    Fighting Seattle head tax was just a starting point for organizers

    Repealing the Seattle head tax was just the beginning for the people behind the grassroots effort to collect thousands of signatures from people opposed to the controversial move by the city.
  • western state hospital

    Sen. O’Ban: Blame Inslee for Western State Hospital defunding

    State Senator Steve O'Ban points the finger of blame at Governor Jay Inslee when it comes to Western State Hospital losing federal funding certification.
  • Joe Kennedy

    Bremerton coach takes praying case to the Supreme Court

    Michael Berry, the deputy general counsel for the First Liberty Institute representing Coach Joe Kennedy, says the 9th Circuit's decision was "pretty far reaching and outrageous."
  • Burien

    Councilmember condones ‘extermination’ threats, while blasting opponents

    KTTH's Jason Rantz says Burien City Councilmember Krystal Marx doesn’t practice what she preaches.
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