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Jason Rantz

  • seattle parking

    Seattle just made it easier to ticket you

    It was an idea, city officials claimed, that would make it easier for you to pay for parking.
  • florist

    Attorney: SCOTUS decision a ‘great development’ for Arlene’s Flowers

    The attorney for the owner of Arlene's Flowers called the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to send their case back to the state Supreme Court a "great development."
  • tiny homes

    Rantz: Progressives try to silence homeless attack stories

    A number of Progressive voices do not want me to report on stories where homeless individuals commit acts of assault or vandalism.
  • seattle, bagshaw

    Seattle council member to fight crime with Ping-Pong balls

    Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw says that she’d like to bring a host of amenities to the area around the King County Courthouse as an “inclusive” way to make the area safer.
  • tiny homes

    Mayor Durkan slammed for ‘Slave Shacks,’ ‘slums’ by liberal activist

    As Mayor Jenny Durkan pushes her plan to bring tiny home villages to Seattle, one activist is speaking up, claiming they’re more akin to “slave shacks” than proper homes to house our most vulnerable.
  • head tax, seattle city council

    Rantz: Secret poll suggests Seattle City Council is as hated as Trump

    A poll was performed amid the Seattle head tax deliberations gauging public perceptions of the city council and some of their policies. The results aren't too favorable of the Seattle City Council.
  • Bob Ferguson

    Ambulance chaser Bob Ferguson is fishing for clients to sue Trump

    Much like an ambulance chaser looking for clients to exploit, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is basically looking for clients to sue President Trump.
  • Intoxicated, armed ‘homeless’ man allegedly attacks family in Seattle

    Police report there’s been another assault from a man, believed to be homeless, against innocent passers-by, this time a father and his daughter walking to the Cinerama in Belltown on Father’s Day.
  • college republicans

    In stinging defeat, UW pays nearly $130K to College Republicans

    After College Republicans at the University of Washington sued the school for expensive security fees for events, the college will now pay much more to settle the matter, and change its policy.
  • asylum

    Progressive activists ruined Father’s Day

    Sorry dads, but if you weren’t willing to take on Progressive immigration policies or address your so-called toxic masculinity, you weren’t allowed to enjoy Father’s Day.
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