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kittitas, sanctuary state
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Jason Rantz

  • kittitas, sanctuary state

    Rantz: After illegal immigrant murders deputy, Dems push sanctuary state

    If we can save one life by enforcing immigration laws -- as Progressives do on gun laws -- don’t we have an obligation to try? It's a question to consider as Washington lawmakers push for a sanctuary state.
  • edmonds

    Edmonds study on ‘hidden homeless’ comes as surprise to locals

    Edmonds City Councilman Dave Tietzel joined The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH to discuss what the new Edmonds’ homelessness study found.
  • Caliburger burger review

    Seattle Burger Review: CaliBurger

    My quest to find the perfect Seattle burger continues, with a trip to Caliburger. But how does it stack up against the rest of the city's best? Let's find out.
  • durkan

    Rantz: Seattle Mayor Durkan is shockingly clueless on homelessness

    If you want to truly understand why Seattle homelessness is so out-of-control, just review a recent comment by Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. She displays a shocking bit of cluelessness.
  • seattle, city council

    Rantz: Voter delivers devastating takedown of Seattle Council’s disinterest in listening to the public

    In a video spreading on Facebook, a man is shown at a March 11 public comment period in front of the Seattle City Council to discuss the state of our Democracy, but he didn’t get a chance to make his comments.
  • kshama sawant

    Rantz: Kshama Sawant’s campaign still relies on big, out-of-town donors

    Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant has branded herself as representing the working class. Behind the scenes, she relies on wealthy donors who don’t even live in her district.
  • vaping tax

    New bill would tax vaporizers as if they were cigarettes

    Rep. Jesse Young (R-26th) breaks down a bill that would tax vaporizers as if they were cigarettes. 
  • homeless, camp, fire

    Rantz: Seattle Fire warns I-5 in ‘jeopardy’ after large homeless fire near gas pipe

    Homeless residents in an unsanctioned encampment started a “very large garbage fire” dangerously close to a natural gas pipeline under I-5, leaving some in the Seattle Fire Department deeply concerned the freeway could be in “jeopardy.”
  • Trump tax returns

    Rantz: Sen. Kuderer refuses to submit tax returns, but demands them from Trump

    Senate Democrats approved legislation to demand tax documents from President Donald Trump that they, themselves, won’t provide.
  • aurora upzoning

    Seattle business owner may have to close Aurora shop due to upzoning changes

    Russ Saunders of Handy Andy Rent-A-Tool is one of numerous business owners along Aurora who believe the city's upzoning policies fail to understand the character of the neighborhood, and make it difficult for a business like his to exist. He may end up closing up shop as a result.
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