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Jason Rantz

  • The ave

    Rantz: Activists aim to severely restrict cars, business deliveries on The Ave

    If activists get their way, "The Ave" in Seattle’s U District will get severe restrictions on cars, harming businesses there. But hey, at least they’ll get some more bike lanes that no one will use.
  • shootings, police tape

    Seattle cop: Initiative 940 will create political prosecutions of police officers

    If I-940 passes, it would become much easier to prosecute cops for using deadly force, allowing juries to decide whether the cop acted in good faith and what the reasonable response would be.
  • uw, university of washington, conservative

    Rantz: UW staffer cyberbullied, secretly recorded conservative students she didn’t like

    A teacher’s assistant at the University of Washington took to Twitter to bully and then secretly audio record conservative students organizing a Brett Kavanaugh celebration.
  • opioid, needle kits

    NRATV’s Colion Noir examines Seattle’s needle exchange program

    KTTH's Jason Rantz sat down with NRATV's Colion Noir, who visited Seattle recently to get a sense for the city's opioid crisis, and its controversial needle exchange program.
  • Gov. Jay Inslee, neutrality, marijuana, gov. Jay Inslee, World Resources Institute

    Rantz: Jay Inslee ranked as the absolute worst governor on taxing, spending

    A recent ranking of governors and their fiscal policies places Washington's Jay Inslee at the bottom following years of supporting tax increases.
  • lid I-5

    Rantz: Horrible, irresponsible lid I-5 idea just won’t die in Seattle

    The proposal to lid I-5 keeps coming back up in Seattle. Supporters say it will create needed new land for housing. But there are far cheaper ways to get this housing right now, instead of spending millions on a lid project.
  • midterms

    After Kavanaugh, Washington Republicans confident about midterms

    The Kavanaugh SCOTUS confirmation stoked political tensions, worrying some that Democratic candidates could gain power through the midterms. But Washington state GOP leaders say it will actually benefit the party.
  • I-1639

    Does the I-1639 gun initiative criminalize self-defense?

    Alan Gottlieb with the 2nd Amendment Foundation believes I-1639 will undermine basic self-defense, making it easier for gun-owners to break law while becoming more vulnerable to actual criminals.
  • seattle

    Attorney files ethics complaint as Seattle refuses to turn over documents

    It's a battle emerging within a larger lawsuit. Either these documents are city files and subject to public disclosure, or they are private documents and Seattle has no business paying $145,000 to protect them.
  • College Republicans

    Rantz: Seattle bar tried to deny service to Republicans celebrating Kavanaugh

    The UW College Republicans hoped to celebrate the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh by enjoying beers at Shultzy’s Bar and Grill this past Saturday. But their plans were stalled.
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