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1639, 1639 gun initiative
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Jason Rantz

  • 1639, 1639 gun initiative

    Whidbey student calls for walkouts after passing of 1639 gun initiative

    A 17-year-old Whidbey student says the passing of the 1639 gun initiative infringes on his rights, and is calling for a walkout by other students who oppose it.
  • navigation team

    Rantz: Sparks fly as Mosqueda slows tent cleanups with huge staff cut to Nav Team

    Seattle's Navigation Team not only organizes cleanups of homeless encampments, they connect people experiencing homelessness with services and housing. So why did this city council member lead an effort to cut the team's funding?
  • Seattle's Police contract now goes before a federal judge

    Seattle Police contract goes to federal judge, what happens next?

    The Seattle Police Officers Guild had been without a contract for four years up until Monday. Now that its long-awaited contract has been approved by City Council, it will face the scrutiny of a federal judge.
  • boeing

    Boeing is likely to move upwards of 1,400 jobs to Kent

    Boeing is considering moving more than 1,400 jobs from its other Puget Sound-area sites to Kent, according to Kent Mayor Dana Ralph.
  • Sawant

    Rantz: In police contract fight, Kshama Sawant vastly overstates union support

    Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant once touted union support -- things have changed. She promotes that an array of unions opposed the new Seattle police contract. Take a closer look, though. Power players, these are not.
  • Garbage from the homeless is piling up in SoDo

    SoDo wonders where Seattle City Hall is as homelessness, crime spirals

    Seattle's homeless crisis has business owners and employees in SoDo wondering what exactly the city is doing to help. At Seattle City Hall, problems only seem to get solved when its personal.
  • Durkan

    Rantz: Mayor Durkan calls port police ‘mall cops’ in pitch to retain Seattle cops

    In an effort to stem the “historically large numbers” of cops leaving the Seattle, Mayor Durkan tried to convince officers to stay with the department, making a mall cop joke in the process.
  • orca, orcas, J pod

    Rantz: Inslee’s orca task force could actually be hurting the whales

    As with much of what Washington Governor Jay Inslee does, this just gives the appearance of doing something that matters. The most recent ban on orca whale watching was hasty and did not involve much thought.
  • I-940, seattle police

    Rantz: Anger, concern with ‘concerted effort’ to take down Seattle police

    As a tentative contract with Seattle police officers awaits approval by the city council, there are fears that some council members will not approve the contract. If that happens, some officers say it will make a "mass exodus" from the department much worse.
  • Pramila Jayapal

    Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal: What Democrats have been missing

    Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal tells Jason Rantz that Democrats have been missing something in recent years, and it's something that many Republicans and President Trump have taken advantage of.
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