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Jason Rantz

  • durkan

    Rantz: Mayor Durkan’s own Green New Deal annoys just about everyone

    Mayor Jenny Durkan, desperate to be seen as Progressive by a base she will rely on to expand her political career, announced her own eco-friendly plans.
  • minimum wage seattle

    Should Washington state look at a regional minimum wage?

    A state representative is looking to change the way Washington looks at its minimum wage requirements. But can it actually work?
  • council, seattle

    Rantz: This Seattle Council has never been more dangerous than now

    If you greeted the news of four current council members ditching re-election, it’s time to return to reality. We now have one of the most dangerous City Council's Seattle has ever had.
  • seattle city council

    Meet the 19-year-old running for Seattle City Council

    Ethan Hunter is a 19-year-old who's running for Seattle City Council, hoping to take over Rob Johnson's seat in District 4.
  • Edmonds Bakery, Build That Wall

    Rantz: City of Edmonds tries to silence ‘Build the Wall’ baker, then lies about

    The City of Edmonds has posted a message that could have a chilling effect on all political speech and how that government interacts with small businesses.
  • Ted Bundy

    Amato: ‘The Ted Bundy Tapes’ gives a serial killer exactly what he wanted

    Throughout a new Netflix documentary, it’s obvious that notorious serial killer Ted Bundy craves media attention. But should we be giving it to him?
  • Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, stat of the city

    Rantz: Mayor Durkan announced gun storage law without any enforcement plan

    Seattle’s new gun storage legislation, now in effect, was pitched as a way to keep guns out of the hands of bad guys and make us safer. Only, Mayor Jenny Durkan has absolutely no plan on how Seattle Police will enforce it.
  • National Guard sent into North Bend

    National Guard sent to aid North Bend socked in by snow

    The city of North Bend remains buried under up to three feet of snow, and now the National Guard and Eastside Fire are being mobilized to help.
  • Erin Sitterley

    SeaTac mayor attacked by local media for being a Trump supporter

    SeaTac mayor Erin Sitterley has been strongly cticized by The Stranger and King County Democrats merely for being a Trump supporter.
  • Bob Ferguson, daca, contraception

    Rantz: Bob Ferguson threatens sheriffs over guns, but gives pass to Seattle heroin sites

    Sheriffs, you better enforce the constitutionally questionable 1639 or you’ll be held liable. But Seattle city officials? Go ahead and ignore the law. Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson probably doesn't like this comparison.
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