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Beto Yarce
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Jason Rantz

  • Beto Yarce

    Rantz: Sawant challenger doesn’t live in district, but still cares more

    Beto Yarce is challenging Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant for her spot on the dais. There’s already mild controversy. He doesn’t live in the district, but has ties to Capitol Hill.
  • e-cigs

    Rantz: King County treats e-cigs as more dangerous than heroin

    Under threat of federal intervention, an e-cigs manufacturer vowed to stop selling most vape flavors and end many ads. Public health officials say it leads to more teens using the product.
  • Ed Murray Seattle City Hall

    Should Seattle City Council be held responsible for Ed Murray?

    After a second lawsuit against former mayor Ed Murray was settled out of court Monday, the lawyer in the first settlement believes that Seattle's City Council should be held responsible.
  • Seattle parking

    Rantz: Seattle kills parking spots, then charges you even more for relief

    The City of Seattle hasn’t met a driver they weren’t willing the bleed dry, all in the name of solving a problem they created in the first place. Meanwhile, Seattle parking is a nightmare.
  • Evergreen state college

    Rantz: Evergreen students aim to disarm cops, want ‘sanctuary campus’ and ‘fun’ instead

    More than a year after holding a professor hostage (because they had a different opinion), protesters now ask Evergreen State College to cease their hiring of two new police officers.
  • SoDo

    Fast response by employee and SPD prevent SoDo theft

    An employee at a business in Seattle's SoDo area interrupted a would-be thief. The employee held the man down while police were called to the scene. Sadly, it's just another day in SoDo.
  • sumner homeless

    Rantz: Pierce County spent $3.3 million and didn’t let the public know

    Pierce County spent $3.3 million settling a variety of claims, and did not disclose the amount or the reasons to the public.
  • Europe

    Follow Jason Rantz as he explores Italy

    Where's Jason? Not here. Follow him while he's on vacation for the week.
  • Black Friday protest, black lives matter

    Rantz: Black Lives Matter Seattle to boycott ‘white businesses’ but will they protest?

    For the fifth straight year, Black Lives Matter in Seattle announced they will “shop black only” and “boycott white businesses” on Black Friday. The plan, however, seems poorly thought out.
  • 1639, 1639 gun initiative

    Whidbey student calls for walkouts after passing of 1639 gun initiative

    A 17-year-old Whidbey student says the passing of the 1639 gun initiative infringes on his rights, and is calling for a walkout by other students who oppose it.
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