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plastic straws
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Jason Rantz

  • plastic straws

    Kirkland City Council looking to jump on the plastic straw banned-wagon

    Taking after Seattle, the Kirkland city council is currently exploring banning plastic straws, a move Kirkland city councilmember Toby Nixon is not too happy with.
  • SPD, seattle police

    ‘Historically large number’ of cops leaving Seattle PD, outpaces hiring

    The rumored "mass exodus" and retirements of Seattle police is dramatically outpacing their hiring of cops ready for patrol, staffing records show.
  • lake city

    Rantz: Seattle removes plants instead of dealing with homeless

    As concerns over the homeless population grows in Seattle's Lake City, using planters as toilets, officials are removing amenities used by everyone instead of dealing with the problem.
  • bike lanes

    Rantz: Seattle council members have literally no clue what bike lanes cost

    A comical discussion between Seattle City Council members displays how much leaders are willing to spend on bike lanes, even though they don't really know the costs.
  • bike lanes, seattle, bike commuting

    Rantz: Seattle bike commuting is at record lows

    Once again, Seattle bike commuting numbers have dropped. Yet city leaders continue to invest in more bike infrastructure at the expense of the majority of Seattle commuters.
  • nova, sawant

    Rantz: Kshama Sawant preys on uninformed students planning walkout

    Councilmember Kshama Sawant has spurred a student walkout to protest inequality in Seattle. The students, however, don't know what they are protesting or the details surrounding the issue.
  • seattle, police, spd, bias

    Rantz: Violent, homeless man loose after county pushed treatment over jail

    A violent, homeless man with a long criminal record is on the loose after stealing a safe, nearly $2,500 worth of goods from a local clothing shop, and a woman’s bike and bank card.
  • Orca cards

    Fact Check: Did Mayor Durkan mislead and discriminate with her ORCA plan?

    Mayor Jenny Durkan has routinely touted a plan to bring free ORCA cards to “every Seattle public high school student” in order to provide unlimited year-round access to mass transit.
  • head tax, seattle city council, saul spady

    Saul Spady wants you to prepare for Seattle’s 2019 elections

    Saul Spady is speaking out about Seattle leadership again, after revealing text messages show how some leaders feel about "privileged voters."
  • LEAD

    Rantz: Cops skeptical of ‘ludicrous’ King County plan to legalize drugs, push treatment

    Three cops in Seattle and King County discuss their skepticism that the LEAD program works. Promoted by the region's leaders, LEAD diverts low-level offenders from jail to treatment options.
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