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Erin Sitterley
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Jason Rantz

  • Erin Sitterley

    SeaTac mayor attacked by local media for being a Trump supporter

    SeaTac mayor Erin Sitterley has been strongly cticized by The Stranger and King County Democrats merely for being a Trump supporter.
  • Bob Ferguson, daca, contraception

    Rantz: Bob Ferguson threatens sheriffs over guns, but gives pass to Seattle heroin sites

    Sheriffs, you better enforce the constitutionally questionable 1639 or you’ll be held liable. But Seattle city officials? Go ahead and ignore the law. Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson probably doesn't like this comparison.
  • Jay Inslee

    Rantz: Gov. Inslee to use snow, National Guard for presidential political gain

    A recent press conference from Gov. Jay Inslee hinted an odd potential narrative for his run at the White House in 2020.
  • snow seattle

    How are businesses faring during Seattle’s snowstorm?

    We spoke to a few neighborhood businesses on Eastlake to see how they're faring during the snowstorm, and it turns out that coffee and pastries are as essential as shovels.
  • bus

    Rantz: When it snows in Seattle, King County Metro just abandons you

    A key talking point for King County Metro - and extremist urbanists - is that you can ditch your car and Metro will take care of you. Unless it snows.
  • neo nazi poster, NCAA

    Rantz: Council candidate blames UW death on ‘white masculinity’ then fundraises off it

    A 19-year-old woman died at UW after slipping on ice. Then one Seattle City Council candidate blamed a Facebook meme page and “white masculinity” for the tragedy.
  • SDOT snow response

    Where was SDOT in the snow on Monday?

    Where was SDOT while Eastlake Avenue in Seattle was basically a giant slip-n-slide? Not out salting roads or plowing snow, at least until after any work was needed on Wednesday.
  • patriot prayer, joey gibson

    Rantz: UW tried to derail Republican group speech at last minute

    The conservative saga at the University of Washington adds another chapter as college Republicans attempt to plan a speech by Joey Gibson. Officials, however, have been less than helpful.
  • shapiro

    Rantz: Gonzaga relents, permits Ben Shapiro to appear on campus after ban

    After an appeal, Gonzaga University has relented, and will allow KTTH host and conservative speaker Ben Shapiro to appear on campus for a speech sponsored by the college Republican group.
  • I-1639

    Thurston Sheriff on 1639: ‘Am I supportive of it? No. Am I going to enforce it? Yes’

    With numerous colleagues against it, Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza has felt the pressure to take a stance, and spoke to The Jason Rantz Show about how he'll proceed.
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