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Concert giant AEG swoops in to save Bumbershoot

Local music fans can breathe a sigh of relief after concert giant AEG announced Friday it was partnering with Bumbershoot to save Seattle's signature music festival.

Here's why we shouldn't change texting while driving laws

Washington became one of the first states in the country to ban texting while driving seven years ago but our news partners over at KING 5 suggest some folks in both law enforcement and the state legislature don't think we went far enough in the restrictions. Doubling down on this law is a bad idea.

Seattle Public Utilities confuses carbon monoxide for dioxide

Seattle Public Utilities sent its customers a sheet of tips for preparing for winter, but the writer made a mistake - as pointed out by a Jason Rantz Show listener.

Rantz: Cowardly not to release 'The Interview'

The United States government is ready to blame North Korea for the huge hack on Sony Pictures.

Governor Inslee's carbon pollution tax doesn't make a lick of sense

Gov. Jay Inslee announced a 12-year, $12 billion plan to tackle rebuilding Washington's transportation infrastructure and it makes very little sense.

Hey protesters: What have you accomplished exactly?

On my show every night I have a simple goal to help listeners become better consumers of news and a big way to do that is to fact check everything. Whether you hear something on the radio or read something in a newspaper or see something on TV, you need to get into the habit of fact checking what you're being told to get the full story. But it's also important to fact check popular movements, such as what you're hearing from the protesters taking to the streets of Seattle.

Selfish taggers ruin nonprofit building

On the drive into work this morning, I was in an unusually great mood for a Monday, but it was short lived after I couldn't help but notice that the building across the street from KIRO was vandalized with graffiti

Puyallup's jail camera controversy justified

Are video cameras in jails a violation of personal privacy or a tool that is necessary for safety for both inmates and corrections officers?

Overly sensitive? Hallmark pulls alleged "swastika" wrapping paper

Hallmark Cards has removed blue and silver gift wrap from circulation after a customer complained that she saw a swastika embedded in the design.

Colorful pits: armpit-hair dying the newest trend?

Armpit dying seems to be the latest fashion trend sweeping the Internet. So of course we're talking about it today.

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