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Seattle Times gun column misleading, missing some facts

There's this movement happening in Western Washington after the tragic events at Pilchuck High School with folks demanding that gun owners be charged when their kids (or other kids) gets their gun. These critics say there are no laws on the books to cover this issue. Those critics are wrong.

Seattle may be getting whiter, but racial diversity isn't all we lack

If you didn't think it was possible for Seattle to get even whiter, think again.

Westlake businesses need parking, not bike routes, to stay afloat

Bicyclists ride through a busy parking lot on Westlake in Seattle and it's dangerous, so naturally, rather than tell bicyclists to take a safer route, the city wants to take away a significant portion of parking spots that help keep businesses afloat, reports KING 5.

SDOT apathy on Mercer will hurt us all

SDOT's apathy and unequal treatments of cars in Seattle will end up severely hurting our economy. Unfortunately, they just don't care.

SPU doesn't get to decide what is too violent

There's an online petition circulating by students at Seattle Pacific University and it's calling on the local television networks to end their public disclosure requests to get video footage of part of the attempted mass shooting on campus in June.

SDOT to blame for awful commute into Seattle

I don't think folks get in a war room with the precise desire to make our commutes miserable, but it's subconscious and it's inevitable when you all have this shared idea that you want people out of cars.

Does paid sick leave work? You should fact check that

The Stranger proudly proclaimed the success of Seattle's paid sick leave ordinance. Only the ordinance hasn't been enforced effectively.

You can't just make panhandling illegal

Marysville is starting to crack down on panhandlers in their community, so I read an Everett Herald article with interest wondering if this will be the next Washington community coming under fire for going after the problem of panhandlers.

New structured recess for Edmonds students sounds suspicious

If you're a family living in the Edmonds and you have kids in the Edmonds School District, you're going to start hearing stories from your son or daughter that their recess is being structured a little differently than it has been in the past.

Rantz: Strippers and their real identities can't hide behind 'free speech'

Several dozen Pierce County strippers are fighting for their right to expression and privacy, which means I'm especially interested in the story.

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