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You can't just make panhandling illegal

Marysville is starting to crack down on panhandlers in their community, so I read an Everett Herald article with interest wondering if this will be the next Washington community coming under fire for going after the problem of panhandlers.

New structured recess for Edmonds students sounds suspicious

If you're a family living in the Edmonds and you have kids in the Edmonds School District, you're going to start hearing stories from your son or daughter that their recess is being structured a little differently than it has been in the past.

Rantz: Strippers and their real identities can't hide behind 'free speech'

Several dozen Pierce County strippers are fighting for their right to expression and privacy, which means I'm especially interested in the story.

Seattle Italian-Americans launch ad campaign to combat Indigenous People's Day

Seattle's Italian-American community is running a full page ad in The Seattle Times Monday as part of its new effort to counter the city's newly created Indigenous People's Day.

Calls to censor offensive Facebook page are wrong

Ron and Don want to silence an offensive and vile Facebook page. I think censorship is not the way to go and is always a losing game.

Don't believe everything you read about gun initiative I-594

As you know, if I-594 becomes law, virtually everyone purchasing a gun in Washington state would be required to go through a background check.

Jason Rantz: Why it's time to start following the Seattle Sounders

Seattle fans clearly aren't afraid to jump on the bandwagon when a local team gets hot. The last few will they-won't-they Mariners games saw huge crowds at Safeco, and now another local team is demanding attention.

Ironic that activists are mad about Seattle Police's use of 'team sport' language

An internal memo was sent last week to the East Precinct staff of the Seattle Police Department, and it's got the typical anti-cop activists up in arms. But this time the question is: Do they have a point?

I-594 campaign releasing misleading ads

There are a couple ads coming out of the 594 camp that are very, very misleading.

Banned Seattle author defends 'Art of Racing in the Rain'

Seattle author Garth Stein has a new distinction to add to his resume: his best selling book "The Art of Racing in the Rain" has been banned by a Texas high school.

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