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dick's drive-in commercial
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  • dick's drive-in commercial

    Unpopular opinion: Sorry Seattle, Dick’s Drive-In food isn’t that great

    Seattle may love Dick's Drive-In, but the burger joint just doesn't rise to the level of "amazing" or "best" burgers in town. Such conversations are rising as Shake Shack comes to town.
  • 3 things Gee Scott is hearing from Seahawks about Week 6 vs Raiders

    KIRO Nights’ own Seahawks insider, Gee Scott, breaks down the three things he is hearing from Seahawks players ahead of Sunday’s Week 6 matchup in London against the Oakland Raiders.
  • Bezos, Bernie sanders, Kshama sawant

    Sanders and Sawant: Different reactions to Amazon’s $15 min. wage

    Sen. Bernie Sanders and Jeff Bezos seem amicable after Amazon's new $15 wage. But Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant is still not so friendly toward the CEO.
  • 3 things Gee Scott is hearing from Seahawks about Week 3 vs Cowboys

    As he does before each game during the NFL season, Seahawks insider Gee Scott breaks down the three things he is hearing from Seahawks players ahead of Sunday's game against the Cowboys.
  • seattle families

    More Seattle families earn $200K than those earning less than $50K

    Seattle families earning $200,000 now outnumber those earning less than $50,000.
  • safeco field

    Safeco Field getting a new name — shouldn’t the public get to weigh in?

    Safeco Field is getting a new name next year, but since it's publicly owned, shouldn't we be able to name it? What should the new name of the stadium be?
  • amazon christmas

    Amazon plans to sell full-sized Christmas trees this winter

    Starting November, Amazon will be shipping full-sized Christmas trees to your door. Will people order them instead of grabbing one themselves?
  • Seahawks-Broncos preview: 3 things players are telling Gee Scott

    The Seahawks' season is finally here, and that means it's time to hear what KIRO Nights' own Seahawks insider, Gee Scott, is hearing from the players themselves.
  • mercer island

    Unpopular opinion: Mercer Island has nothing to offer

    Zak Burns showed his father the sights around the Seattle area over one recent weekend. He was disappointed to find so few sights on Mercer Island, however. Gee Scott has his own impression of the suburb.
  • Watch: Gee Scott’s 3 things for Seahawks’ preseason finale

    Ahead of the Seahawks' preseason finale Thursday, we turned to our resident Seahawks insider, Gee Scott, for three things he's hearing from players.
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