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  • Gee’s birthday shoutout

    Want to receive a shoutout from Gee Scott on your birthday? Enter your information below and Gee will give you a shoutout on the air.
  • superintendent, Chris Reykdal

    Chris Reykdal: President Trump is wrong about guns, teachers

    Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal says President Trump is just wrong about arming teachers with guns.
  • school shooting

    Expert’s school shooting lessons for parents, students

    Greg Burns with the Tactical Training Academy talks about school shooting events and what students and parents should know and prepare for.
  • We all play a role in keeping our kids safe

    Six years after the massacre at Sandy Hook and school shootings continue to happen. It's time we talk more.
  • LISTEN: What life is like for KJ Wright during the offseason

    "You definitely get more time with your family," he said. He says the offseason is for those moments.
  • A Christmas letter from mom

    This is the first year I will not be spending Christmas with my family. This is the Christmas letter I received from my mom.
  • safe injection site, insite, injection sites

    Refuting the myth that Insite is a blight in Vancouver B.C.

    One journalist and neighbor to Insite argues back against the criticism that the surrounding neighborhood is devastating.
  • statue, Robert E. Lee

    Why would anyone defend Robert E. Lee?

    Let's get something straight. Robert E. Lee was a treasonous criminal. That's it. So why would anyone defend an enemy of the United States?
  • safe injection

    Rumor control: No illegal safe injection sites planned for U-District

    The People's Harm Reduction Alliance is answering rumors that its organization is setting up illegal safe injection sites in Seattle's U-District.
  • Not anti-gun, but anti-mass shootings

    I’m not anti-gun. It’s really pointless to stake the position that all guns should be banned. I am, however, anti-mass shooting.
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