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HOV violators, rules of the road
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  • HOV violators, rules of the road

    Unpopular opinion: A right and the wrong way to break the rules of the road

    Is there a right way, and a wrong way, to break the rules of the road? A few thoughts on the matter after someone skipped by a KIRO Radio producer in the carpool lane.
  • 3 things Gee Scott is hearing from Seahawks about Week 13 vs 49ers

    Gee Scott of KIRO Nights breaks down Sunday's Week 13 Seahawks matchup against the San Francisco 49ers with what he's hearing from the players themselves.
  • ed murray, lincoln beauregard

    Gee: Lincoln Beauregard is like Seattle City Council’s own Michael Avenatti

    While some say Councilmember Kshama Sawant is like the Trump of Seattle, perhaps Lincoln Beauregard is like Michael Avenatti to the Seattle City Council.
  • seattle home prices

    Seattle actually leading the nation in home price decline

    The housing market has seen pricing fatigue from brokers and buyers after the unrelenting price growth, causing sellers to cut prices.
  • JUMP, bikeshares, Uber

    How bikeshares could ultimately affect Seattle transportation

    Bikeshares are set to battle it out, again, in Seattle. Whichever wins, one thing is certain according to KIRO Nights -- the latest effort could pull people out of their cars.
  • Condoleezza Rice

    Does Condoleezza Rice controversy reveal NFL’s sexism problem?

    Condoleezza Rice may or may not be vying for a football coach position with the NFL. But it begs a larger question about how football players, and fans, view women.
  • black friday

    Unpopular opinion: If you like Black Friday, admit it, you enjoy chaos

    Stop complaining about Black Friday if you in any way take part in it. If you're in the mix, then you love the chaos.
  • Menchie's Kirkland

    Debate around Menchie’s incident quiets important message about racism

    In the wake of the incident at a Kirkland Menchie's, rhetoric has overshadowed an important conversation about racism, argues KIRO Radio's Gee Scott.
  • Kirkland, menchie's, frozent yogurt

    3 failures from the Kirkland Menchie’s incident

    What happened at a Kirkland Menchie's has happened before to other people. It has happened to me. This is how. And beyond that, there are three failures that happened at this shop.
  • Amazon, seattle

    Unpopular opinion: You can live in Seattle without a car, you just don’t want to

    It is entirely possible to live without a car in Seattle. That could depend on a few factors, of course. But a range of transportation services, descending upon Seattle, are chipping away at private car ownership.
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