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  • The Reel Debate

    Every Friday night, Tom Tangney and I take a deep dive into different film topics for an in-depth discussion. We call it The Reel Debate.
  • Daryl Davis

    Daryl Davis makes it a point to talk with Klansmen

    Blues musician Daryl Davis has a way of dealing with the Klu Klux Klan -- he talks to its members. Instead of fighting, he strolls up for a conversation.
  • McCain says no to GOP health care bill that would impact thousands in Washington

    Washington state's insurance commissioner has some concerns about the latest Republican attempt to replace "Obamacare," including its lack of protection for people with pre-existing conditions.
  • ‘He was not an ally’

    President Barack Obama was not the ally to immigrants he pretended. It’s one of the failures I find myself most disappointed about when reflecting back on the previous administration.
  • safe injection sites, mckenna

    AG Rob McKenna argues against safe injection sites

    Former Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna has added his voice to the argument opposing safe injection sites in King County.
  • Ed Murray

    Feeling sick about my time with Ed Murray

    KIRO Radio's Zak Burns says finally, the city of Seattle isn’t going to have a vile embarrassment for a mayor.
  • Las Vegas NAACP president is ‘thankful Michael Bennett is alive’

    The president of the NACCP in Las Vegas is calling out the police department for detaining Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett and comparing his treatment to that of Tashii Brown.
  • Michael Bennett’s statements need to be investigated, police union presidents says

    The Las Vegas Police union is asking NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to investigate Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett for making, what they call, false claims against the department.
  • The party of Reagan no more

    The Republicans of the 1980s were compassionate to the plight of those looking to build a better life. So how can the GOP still claim to be the party of Reagan?
  • Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump

    Why my Canadian family is loving Donald Trump

    Because Canada is currently in the midst of a love affair with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, I thought the conversation would be predictably hypercritical.
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