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Gee Scott

  • seattle dog

    Unpopular opinion: Seattle dog is still disgusting, shame on you

    In case you missed the message the first time -- and many other times -- the Seattle Dog is terrible. It is shameful that it is iconic. Disagree?
  • 9th circuit court

    You should approach Seattle’s homeless like you have Richard Russell

    I have really felt for Richard Russell and his family after his death. He was mentally ill. Why don't we approach homeless people living in tents, or worse, around Seattle. They, too, have similar problems.
  • richard russell

    Unpopular opinion: There’s a reason we talk about Richard Russell the way we do

    There's a reason everyone has discussed Richard Russell, aka "Beebo," as a great, kind person who was "broken" after he stole a commercial airplane and crashed it on a Puget Sound island. Would we say the same for someone who didn't look like him?
  • cat killer

    Expert: Washington cat killer could evolve into region’s next serial killer

    Dr. Darrel Turner tells KIRO Nights that a cat killer on the loose in Washington is likely starting down a dark path that will escalate into more dangerous behavior.
  • Gee Scott’s 3 keys to the Seahawks’ preseason opener vs Colts

    Gee Scott of KIRO Nights gets you ready for the Seahawks' preseason opener against the Colts on Thursday night with his three keys to the game.
  • Blue Angels

    Unpopular opinion: Seattle could do without the Blue Angels

    While the Blue Angels are impressive to many each year in Seattle, some shrug them off and can do without them. After all, they cost a lot. And does anyone associate them with the military anymore?
  • traffic

    Unpopular opinion: Blame yourself for bad traffic in Western Washington

    While many like to blame departments of transportation, there is one bad actor that many forget to address when it comes to bad traffic -- yourself.
  • Watch: Gee Scott’s 3 Seahawks training camp storylines to follow

    With Seahawks training camp opening Thursday, KIRO Nights co-host and Seahawks insider Gee Scott has a few things to say, so he breaks down his top three storylines for the team from Seahawks HQ in Renton.
  • Chancellor

    Jeron Johnson on Chancellor: Kam was there for me

    With the announcement from Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor that he is likely retiring after an eight-year career due to a serious neck injury, fellow player Jeron Johnson discusses how Chancellor transformed the spirit of the team.
  • sawant, head tax

    Head tax repealed: Is the Sawant era over in Seattle?

    In a 7-2 vote on Monday, the Seattle City Council voted to repeal the head tax, a move which seemed to defy Kwasha Sawant's power to influence,
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