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amanda knox
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Gee Scott

  • amanda knox

    Amanda Knox hosts new show about people who have been shamed

    Amanda Knox hopes her new show The Scarlet Letter Reports will help people learn about the humanity underneath public shaming.
  • bobby wagner

    Seahawks Bobby Wagner already planning for life after football

    Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner joined KIRO Nights’ Gee Scott and Zak Burns for an hour and discussed how he prepares for life after football.
  • Federal prosecutor Tom Wales

    The murder in Queen Anne that happened 16 years ago and has a $1.5M reward

    David Payne and Jody Gottlieb spent nine months investigating the murder in Queen Anne of Assistant District Attorney Tom Wales.
  • Starbucks

    Disappointed in employees and cops, but what about Starbucks?

    Starbucks has taken a lot of criticism after two black men were arrested for doing nothing inside one of its coffee shops. What do I think of Seattle coffee giant?
  • congestion pricing

    Gridlock guru believes congestion pricing would change status quo

    Is congestion pricing the solution to Seattle's traffic woes? Gridlock Sam says it could be, if drivers aren't currently pleased with the status quo.
  • China, trade war

    Gary Locke: Americans would be hurt in trade war with China

    It's Americans who should breathe a sigh of relief after China made steps to ease tensions with the U.S. by reducing tariffs.
  • king county, seattle gentrification

    Seattle gentrification: Why locals struggle to maintain family legacies

    A local artist talks about the Central District's struggles with Seattle gentrification. It's a matter of identity and family legacy in the Emerald City.
  • white people uncomfortable

    Michael Bennett’s book is meant to make you feel uncomfortable

    Co-Author of Michael Bennett's "Things That Make White People Uncomfortable" talks about the book and how well it is doing despite legal problems.
  • Richard Phillips

    What it’s like for Richard Phillips after 47 years away from society

    Richard Phillips has spent more time in prison after being wrongfully convicted than anyone in US history. Now he's free. And the world has changed.
  • Question of the day: How many chances do cheaters get?

    KIRO Radio's Gee Scott asks a question from his friend, Brandon. How many chances do you give your significant other if they cheat?
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