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  • No, Jason, CNN is not failing

    My co-host, Jason Rantz, is trying to convince me that CNN is failing. He’s wrong.
  • heroin, opioid, needle

    ‘Make it easier to get’ – How to fix the opioid crisis

    Jefferey Miron argues that legalizing opioids prescribed by doctors to anyone who wanted them would reduce the criminal activity surrounding the drug trade. Maybe he's right.
  • No, kids in Olympia aren’t playing soccer without a ball

    I know there is a narrative that kids today have it easy when it comes to competition, so I'm not surprised to see how many people fell for this CBC video.
  • perp

    I tackled a naked man on Eastlake

    KIRO Radio's Zak Burns explains how he tackled a naked man in his beloved Seattle neighborhood on Monday night. Here's his story.
  • Bainbridge Island

    Seattle haters need geography lessons about Bainbridge Island

    Zak Burns says Seattle haters need to channel their outrage towards something more meaningful. At the very least, channel it to the right location.
  • A Fair Shake

    Every Friday, Jason and Zak talk to someone with an unusual perspective, job, or life experience that may otherwise be mocked or dismissed, and we give them a fair shake.
  • Don’t wait to talk about gun violence

    Undoubtedly, the shooting in San Bernardino will spark a debate, both online and in the real world, about gun control and gun violence. Good.
  • mayor ed murray, Delvonn Heckard

    What does the tragedy around Mayor Ed Murray say about us?

    Love or hate Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, and no matter what the truth is, the recent allegations of rape are tragic from all angles.
  • Zak Burns: Sorry, critics, Macklemore’s song ‘Drug Dealer’ is dead on

    While Macklemore's song "Drug Dealer" might be inflammatory, KIRO Radio's Zak Burns speaks from experience about how accurate the concept can be.
  • In defense of millennials

    Zak Burns says it's not really that Millenials are lazy, it's that all older generations think less of the younger generation.
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