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Life Crunch

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    Happy hour. Yoga in the park. Beach vacay. What are you missing?
  • Cosmo After Dark

    You may not have known about this Snapchat feature.
  • How families celebrate their country’s independence

    Food, fireworks and freedom. Independence Day is almost here!
  • How to do The Shoot

    Do you know "The Shoot?"
  • What do diplomats actually do?

    On again. Off again. On gain?
  • Fan fiction might give your teens access to strangers

    There’s more to being a fan than you thought!
  • Avoiding sports injuries

    ‘Walk it off’ might not be the best approach.
  • What is jailbreaking?

    Not all jailbreaking is illegal…but there are some risks.
  • Vaping could be exposing your kids to heavy metals

    Heavy metals aren’t just in your old music collection anymore.
  • What is Juul? Your kids know

    It’s a flash drive! It’s a marker! It’s a…vaporizer?