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Dan Savage talks "It Gets Better Project"


In the wake of a Rutgers University suicide and several other gay teen suicides, gay advocate and "The Stranger" editor, Dan Savage, is speaking out.

With the help of his partner Terry, Savage launched the "It Gets Better Project." Savage spoke with KIRO Radio's Dave Ross on Thursday about reaching out to gay teens that may have been bullied or harassed, and how it will get better.

"As a gay adult I would read these stories about suicides and think, I wish I could have talked to those kids for five minutes, and just have been able to tell them that however bad it is now, it gets better. They have the future, and they have a happy future if they just hang in there," said Savage.

The "It Gets Better Project" is a YouTube channel moderated by Savage, where gay and lesbian adults post videos with a positive message with the idea that no matter what gay and lesbian teens maybe facing now, it can get better.

"When that 13-year-old commits suicide, it means that they can't see happiness and joy in their life ever," said Savage.

Savage added that some of these kids and teens were being harassed right under adults' noses. "They were being brutally and viciously harassed while adults stood by and did nothing," said Savage.

Now, with the "It Gets Better Project," Savage feels like he has the tools to reach out to kids in despair. "Apparently I wasn't the only gay or lesbian adult that felt that way," Savage told Ross.

Since the launch of the Project on Sept. 15, in the past 15 days, the project has received over 100 video submissions.

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