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Mayor McGinn, "We'll be critical of ourselves"


Mayor Mike McGinn's snow plan was put to the ultimate test Monday evening as traffic from I-5 overflowed onto Seattle streets.

"We'll be critical of ourselves," McGinn told KIRO Radio's Ross and Burbank Tuesday morning. McGinn said that he and other Seattle services had been evaluating what they could do better.

McGinn said he and the Seattle Department of Transportation, Seattle Public Utilities, and Metro Transit staffers were working Tuesday morning from an "emergency operations center" where the groups could coordinate their efforts to best tackle the snow-related problems.

"Mother Nature can be more powerful than what we can do to respond," said McGinn. He added that SDOT road crews had tried to get in front of the snow on Monday by putting sand and salt down on the roadways.

Crews encountered problems when temperatures continued to drop. Colder temperatures meant the roads were freezing over again, after the salt had helped melt them.

"It certainly made our job harder," said McGinn. "It's a harder problem to solve, but [SDOT] is working on it."

Tuesday morning, McGinn said he "put the chains on his minivan" because it was too cold to bike, and in some cases, not safe to walk.

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