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Leavenworth calls out younger crowd with rap video


A mildly racy rap video touting Leavenworth as "Your Bavarian Getaway" is getting lots of media attention.

"We quietly posted it Friday morning and by 10 o'clock we were hit and the numbers just kept running," says Nancy Smith with the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce. "It's catchy."

The video follows the adventures of a Nutcracker character "Woody Goomsba."

"He never go to sleep. He never put down his stein," says the video. "He's a nutcracker, so bring on the nuts."

Smith told KIRO Radio's Ross and Burbank the video, featuring rap-style dancers and lyrics, is meant to be a spoof. "It's not intended to be serious."

But Smith says not everyone gets it.

"There is definitely a following of Leavenworth that doesn't get that its tongue in cheek, and sincerely cares about the image and is concerned about that part of it," says Smith. "It's definitely eyebrow raising."

Smith says the video was approved by the Leavenworth Area Promotions Committee.

"We got the first cut of this back in August and it had a couple pieces in it that needed to be smoothed over, that was too much for the committee."

Smith says the production company, and all the people that appear in the video, are from within 20 miles of Leavenworth. "They came to us with the idea of appealing more to a 20 and 30 year old crowd."

Smith says the video wasn't really intended for a mass audience, "but the Seattle media has just loved this and so everyone's getting to see it," says Smith. "I got a call from News 4 New York, that they want to play it over there."

The video is nearing 19,000 views on Youtube.

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