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Seattle street parking up to $4 per hour

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The city of Seattle is adopting what it calls "market rate" pricing for on-street parking. That means you could pay as much as $4 an hour if you park in high demand areas of the city such as downtown, First Hill or Pioneer Square.

"When we set parking rates, they're being set based on the data, based on what we know about how people are parking in their neighborhoods using the paid parking system," said Charles Bookman, city traffic management director.

The city announced Friday it will divide Seattle into 22 different zones, charging between one-dollar and four-dollars an hour for on-street parking. In some neighborhoods, parking hours will extend to 8 p.m. The lowest rate is $1 an hour.

The city gathered data last November on an hourly basis about parking habits throughout the city and used that data to set the new rates.

"What we're trying to find is the sweet spot where you can come up looking for a parking space and you will find one or two spaces open for you, on average," said Bookman.

The new rates take effect in the next few months as the city re-programs its parking pay stations.

Next, the city will consider parking rates that change by time of day.

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