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Romar says rape claim is causing sleepless nights

KIRO Radio

The University of Washington's basketball coach says the rape allegation against one of his players has been keeping him up at night.

At a regular team press conference Tuesday afternoon, Coach Lorenzo Romar said he still will not comment on the investigation. However, when asked if the specter of a rape claim is eating at him personally, Romar said he's been concerned with all aspects of his program.

"There are many nights that my wife says, you're awake again, and I say, yeah I'm awake," he said.

When asked if there is a policy that dictates the point at which team action might be taken, Romar declined to answer.

"I won't run from it when it's that time," Romar said. "But at this time, there's no need to address it."

A 16-year-old alleges she and the player corresponded on Facebook, and when they met in person, he raped her in an apartment near Garfield High School in Seattle's Central District.

In an interview last week, the alleged victim's father told KIRO-FM he's angry that the player his daughter says raped her is still on the court for the Huskies.

"I know that Coach Romar has, I think, 3 daughters. If it were his daughters, I don't think [the player] would be traveling to northern California with the team," the father said.

Asked to respond to that, Romar declined. "I'll stick to that pretty good, that statement," he said. "Try again?"

After hearing Romar's remarks, the accuser's father said he's not going to stop pressing the coach.

"I wrote a letter to Coach Romar," he said. "I'm waiting for a response. Tomorrow will be day 10. If I don't hear a response, I want to distribute the letter to pastors of different churches, to see if they might put some pressure on the coach and the school to answer my questions in the letter."

Seattle police say the investigation is ongoing. KIRO-FM is not naming the player in question since he has not been formally charged with a crime.

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