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Seattle tattoo shop owner fights parking rates with explicit sign


Ty Myers, owner of Fenix Tattoo, has a message for Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn.

The 7x15 foot sign hanging outside his Pioneer Square shop reads: "Parking $3.50, Small business $0, (Expletive) you Mayor McGinn."

Myers told KIRO Radio's Dori Monson Show on Thursday, "these guys are idiots. They don't understand basic business...I told them 'our best shopping day is on Sunday, which is a free parking day.'"

Myers contests the city artificially inflated the parking density results "from 57 percent to 91 percent to justify the change." He said the city told him a higher density and higher rates means more turn over and revenue.

The sign is in violation of Pioneer Square's sign laws, but Myers said two cops recently walked by and gave him thumbs up. The building owner called him this morning to tell him to take the sign down.

"I'm presently working on taking the sign down. It might take me a day or two. It's a big project," he said.

Myers said he went to council meetings and department of transportation meetings, but it didn't do any good. He's trying to rally the neighborhood to put pressure on the city.

"Everybody's mad about this. The mayor's an idiot," Myers said. "We're little people doing the American Dream 12 hours a day. Don't kick us in the teeth, man."

Rather than raise rates, Myers said his solution to patch up the city's budget is simple: "Everybody with a six figure income that works for the city of Seattle needs to take a 30 percent hit on their income."

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