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Study: Seattle crime concentrated to small areas

KIRO Radio

A new report on crime in Seattle may change the way the police do business.

The study from the city auditor's office shows half of Seattle's crime happens on less than five percent of its streets.

"This geographic area of concentration is often one address or half of a block or a corner," councilmember Tim Burgess said. "The concentration is even greater than we thought and it does not move. So over the whole 14 year study period that ended in 2004, those block faces did not materially change in Seattle."

Burgess said the Seattle Police Department is trying out the hot spot model, focusing on one crime-heavy block in the Central District to see how big of an impact they can have.

"(The study) suggests to us that perhaps we should consider moving from the policing of people to a policing model that is more driven by place or geography instead."

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