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  • Washington’s smoky past isn’t reassuring

    All last week I heard in the KIRO newsroom, "Cliff Mass said there were fires like this 100 years ago," apparently in an effort to disprove climate change. Is this supposed to make us feel better?
  • youth sports

    MLB All-Star: Stop pushing too hard on youth sports

    Fall sports practices are up and running for youth sports. Former MLB All-Star says parents should stop pushing their kids so hard in one sport.
  • Clippy

    Love him, hate him – just don’t blame the Bellevue artist who created Clippy

    Clippy was an animated paperclip ready to help users of Microsoft Office in the early years of personal computers. He was perhaps mocked as much as he was helpful. But that doesn't change the love its creator has for the character.
  • alice in chains

    Alice in Chains to play atop remodeled Space Needle

    Alice in Chains will play atop Seattle's Space Needle on August 21.
  • Sounder train

    Why Sound Transit is anti-parent

    If you want more people to take transit, you have to meet them where they are. And Sound Transit is failing to do that with its Sounder Train.
  • Skagit County

    Skagit County offers up pretty straight-forward fire prevention advice

    Drivers in Skagit County apparently don't understand that throwing burning items out of their vehicles can cause problems. The county is now being more blunt when telling people to cut it out.
  • Jimi Hendrix Park

    Effort underway to rename post office after Jimi Hendrix

    All Washington state's Congress members are supporting legislation that will rename a Northwest post office in honor of legendary musician Jimi Hendrix.
  • coast guard

    Adrift paddleboards, kayaks wasting the Coast Guard’s time, money

    A true sign of summer; the Coast Guard is basically tired of retrieving your stray paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes. Solution: Label your paddlecraft with your name and number.
  • lip-sync

    Seattle Police Department releases lip-sync video

    On the heels of Norfolk police's viral lip-sync video, the Seattle Police Department has finally debuted its own video performance of "Downtown" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
  • seattle, police, spd

    Mayor Durkan: Seattle is a city ‘under duress’

    The mayor's nomination of Carmen Best for Seattle's next chief of police was a widely positive event. But there is one point that will not be easily forgotten.