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  • football, politics, washington

    Washington’s top football food for the big game day is…

    What do you eat on the big game day? Football fans may disagree on what to snack on, but Washington knows what it prefers. Do you agree?
  • amazon bus

    Amazon gets patent to convert public buses into mobile pickup lockers

    Amazon is looking into using buses as way to get customers their packages. It just received a patent for this new method of delivery.
  • viadoom, driving, washington

    Washington is the third worst state to drive in

    Washington state ranks poorly when it comes to over all driving. Oddly, the state's neighbors all rank far better. What is holding the Evergreen state back?
  • Congestion tolling Seattle

    How congestion tolling could help solve Seattle’s traffic woes

    The idea of tolling streets in Seattle has proven to be wildly unpopular. But has history shown as that it can actually reduce traffic across the city?
  • KTTH announces revamped lineup for ‘conservative commute’

    The future of conservative talk radio is here. AM 770 KTTH/Seattle announced a revamped lineup for their successful “conservative commute.”
  • KIRO Radio announces new afternoon show

    KIRO Radio and parent company Bonneville International announced today the addition of a new weekday afternoon program to their award-winning lineup. The Candy, Mike and Todd Show, hosted by Candy Harper, Mike Lewis and Todd Herman will make its debut on KIRO Radio Monday, January 14 from 3-7 p.m.
  • Alaskan Way Viaduct 1952

    A final farewell to the Alaskan Way Viaduct

    As the Alaskan Way Viaduct closes for good, let's take a look back on some of the finer (and not so fine) aspects of the structure that's graced Seattle's waterfront for the better part of over half a century. 
  • seattle traffic

    Seattle’s transportation system garners praise, but does it deserve it?

    Recently, Seattle's transportation system has been praised both by articles in The New York Times and Vox, providing an interesting outside perspective. But is it earned? Or do we have a ways to go?
  • RenCon, geekonomy

    Kick Off the Cons: Putting the NW ‘geekonomy’ on display

    There are so many pop culture and science conventions in the Northwest that there is now a convention for conventions -- Kick Off the Cons. It's an extension of what some call the Geekonomy.
  • roadkill washington

    Oregon joins Washington in putting roadkill deer and elk on the menu

    Oregon joins 20 other states, including Washington, in allowing people to harvest and eat roadkill.