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Seattle streetcar, sdot
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  • Seattle streetcar, sdot

    What should Seattle seek in SDOT’s next director?

    Seattle is surveying residents to find out what they want in the next SDOT director. This is one quality that the city should focus on.
  • Gov. Jay Inslee

    Yes or no: Is Jay Inslee planning to run for president?

    Is the refusal of a spokesperson to answer a simple yes/no question yet another reason to believe Gov. Jay Inslee is planning a run for president?
  • pedestrian

    Seattle’s ‘war on pedestrians’ is already underway

    The "war on cars" is debatable. But what about the "war on pedestrians"? A former secretary of transportation for WSDOT says it's real.
  • WATCH: Tacoma slams Seattle’s head tax in short YouTube video

    Tacoma city leaders are taking advantage of the controversy that erupted over Seattle's new head tax.
  • Debora Juarez

    Why you should listen when Councilmember Debora Juarez speaks up

    Amid high tensions at Seattle City Hall, Councilmember Debora Juarez offered a sobering moment of authenticity Monday, calling for unity instead of slogan mills and chants.
  • head tax

    City closes survey: Do you want a head tax in Seattle?

    For those of you who can't attend one of the Seattle City Council meetings addressing the controversial head tax, there's an online survey.
  • pierce county

    Eatonclaw? How would you rename a city if it combined with another?

    This week, there was a hiccup on Seattle's Morning News when someone accidentally combined Eatonville and Enumclaw.
  • black panther, comic book, seattle

    11-year-old wins 2 iconic, valuable comic books with Black Panther

    Kiera Nagai, an 11-year-old fifth grader, won a giveaway organized by Seattle police and received two iconic 1966 comic books featuring Black Panther after she submitted her drawing of a superhero.
  • Puget Sound tunnel

    Civil engineer pushes for tunnel under Puget Sound

    Should Washington State Ferries be phased out of Central Puget Sound? There was an argument to do just that on Tuesday.
  • bikeshare

    What happens when a bikeshare ride is vandalized?

    What happens when a bikeshare ride is vandalized in Seattle? Striped of parts and disassembled? There's a few things about bikeshare bikes that won't help thieves.