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Linda Thomas

Ken Griffey Jr. Way

The effort to have a street renamed after Ken Griffey Jr. is getting more support by the hour.

I talked with the guy who started the campaign to call part of 1st Avenue in front of Safeco Field "Ken Griffey Jr. Way." Glen Garnett is a huge Ken Griffey Junior fan.

GlenGarnett"I'm sad to see him go. As a matter a fact I did cry," says Garnett.

After hearing about Junior's retirement, he was sitting around with his fiance, Brianne Wickholm, and thought someone should rename a street after the Mariner's legend.

"We did it for Edgar, why can't we do it for Griffey," he thought. And Wickholm suggested he start a Facebook page to get the effort rolling. In less than a day, it's picked up more than 800 followers.

Garnett, who's an actor, comedian and occasional reporter for the B.J. Shea Morning Experience on KISW, has been a Mariner fan since he moved to Seattle from New Jersey at the age of 12.

"Being a kid from a very small town in New Jersey and coming to a large city like Seattle, my first Mariner's game is something I'll never forget," Garnett says. "I remember walking up the ramp to the Kingdome and going inside where the seating is and it just opens up and your eyes go wild looking around and it's like whoa!"

He's sad to see Griffey go, but he admits, it was probably the right time for Junior to retire from baseball. Now, he says, it's our time to show the "kid" some respect.

"We should retire his number, have a ticker tape parade for him," he says. All to show Ken Griffey Jr. that the Northwest is "grateful for your services and you're welcome here anytime."

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