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September 18, 2013 - Hour: 2

Originally aired: Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tom is taking something back when it comes to Richard Sherman. He says we just know too much about players and coaches personal lives because of the social media age. Because of this constant watch dog, even players that we might like, will slip up and where we might not have found out 10-15 years ago will be out there for all to see. Because we hear every little thing Sherman says, Tom is willing to overlook his recent comments about media doubters. Also Gary says this current secondary might be better than an all-star team from Seahawks history. Some baseball managers are on the hot seat including Eric Wedge. Will he get the ax? Also even though his team has had a great run, Ron Washington is on the hot seat. What makes a great manager? Both Gary and Tom agree that Joe Madden of Tampa Bay is the best manager in baseball right now. Plus, we get to know Gary a little better. Cleveland made a very odd trade today, trading their best player Trent Richardson to Indianapolis for draft picks, essentially throwing in the towel two weeks into the season. Who is the most likely 0-2 team to turn it around and maybe even make a playoff appearance?

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