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David Boze
A Washington native, David Boze was raised in the Stanwood area. Prior to working in radio, David was a research analyst for the Evergreen Freedom Foundation. When not on the air, he can frequently be found hunting in the Cascade foothills.
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Friday, July 18, 2014
Hour 1, Dave Boze Morning Show, 7-18-14
The media seem to be trying to make the downed plane a mystery, Obama speaks about the downed plane for 38 seconds and says it "may have been" a tragedy, Chris Matthews says the world press will be against anything Israel does, Biden's World Cup trip cost taxpayers 2.2M, MSNBC pranked during coverage of plane shoot down
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Hour 2, Dave Boze Morning Show, 7-18-14
Dave talks with former Virginia Governor James Gilmore about plane crash response, Hammertime voices the opinion that the least Obama could do is for once make a decision, Hear a recording of a separatist phone call after the crash, Border agents have their hours cut despite the crisis, Seattlites get to vote on yet another bump up in car tab fees, Maxford Thurston talks with Dave about helping Thurston County employees sue to keep unions from overcharging,
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Hour 3, Dave Boze Morning Show, 7-18-14
Obama on downed plane: "may have been" a tragedy, Michael Medved visits to talk about the Malaysian plane, Obama speaks at press conference
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Thursday, July 17, 2014
Bill Maurer, executive director of Washington's Institute for Justice
Interview with Bill Maurer, executive director Washington's Institute for Justice with an update on unconstitutional limits to donations
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Gerald "Gerry" Molen, producer of "America: Imagine a World Without Her"
Dave and Micheal talked to Gerry Molen, producer of "America: Imagine A World Without Her", Gerry Molen is guest speaker at The Freedom Foundation Honors Luncheon
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Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show Hour, 7-17-14
Washignton Wildfires, White House just can't seem to confirm that our borders are secure, Obama calls for cease fire between Israel and Gaza, Biden admits that the "change" promised in the 2008 campaign didn't happen, Christie says there's no rush to decide on presidential run, Price of chocolate is going up, Driver of over sized load hits five bridges
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Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 7-17-14
Sean Bergin talks with Megyn Kelly about being fired by his station after saying black males without fathers is a problem, Bill Maurer talks with Dave about Washington's unconstitutional limits on campaign donations, White House spokesman refuses to give "yes" or "no" answer as to whether our borders are secure, Obama coming to Seattle during extreme traffic complications, Col. Ralph Peters: Obama is worst president at foreigh policy ever
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Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 7-17-14
Dem. Governor Deval Patrick says deporting illegal children is like sending Jews to concentration camps, Michael Medved talks with Dave about housing immigrants at JBLM, Dave and Michael talk with movie producer Gerry Molen
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014
AEI scholar, Michael Rubin, on escalading violence in the Mideast
Dave discusses choas overseas with AEI's Michael Rubin as violence increases
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Hour 1, Dave Boze Morning Show, 7-16-14
Carjacker shot by his victim is found to have a long list of felonies, Hillary says we haven't been telling the U.S. story very well, Harry Reid says the border is secure, Holder says our society is not yet color blind, $15 Minimum wage issue not getting enough signatures to get on the ballot, Scientists say we are not alone and expect aliens to be discovered within 20 years, Planned Parenthood offers questionable advice to 15-yr-old
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Hour 2, Dave Boze Morning Show, 7-16-14
Harry Reid says the border is secure, D'Souza joins Kelly to discuss border crisis, Woman with concealed carry permit shoots her attacker, Man arrested for Everett carjacking had 17 felonies, New MTV reality series features "virgins", Scientists say to expect the discovery of aliens within 20 years, Comcast customer service agent's attitude requires an apology from Comcast
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Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 7-16-14
AEI's Michael Rubin talks with Dave about the middle east crisis, John Stewart upset over immigration protests, Michael Medved and Dave discuss area traffic and the middle east
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Medved Crossover on last night's screening of "America: Imagine a World Without Her"
Medved Crossover on Dinesh D'Souza in town for last night's screening of his film "America: Imagine a World Without Her"
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Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show Hour, 7-15-14
Dave talks about last night's screening of Dinesh D'Sousa's "America: Imagine A World Without Her", Woman claims U-Conn husky logo encourages aggressiveness towards women, Harry Reid thinks even Judge Judy would toss the republican lawsuit, Chris Matthews puts his money on Rand Paul for Republican nomination, Kerry is uncomfortable with politicians acknowledging how exceptional we are in America, Bergdahl is back at work, Babies begin practicing speech long before they can talk, KING 5 report on deaf council member
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Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 7-15-14
Oklahoma Congressman says criminals control the border, Relevant info continues to disappear at the IRS, Conservative group in New Jersey attacks Christie, University of Connecticut woman says their husky logo encourages violence against women, Ben Shapiro visits to talk with Dave about the immigration crisis
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