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Ring My Belle
Daily musings from Rachel Belle of the Ron and Don Show.
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Friday, March 7, 2014
Youth In Focus Changes Teens, One Photo at a Time
Youth In Focus is an after-school program for at-risk or struggling teens, that uses photography as a catalyst for positive change.
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Ring My Belle: Apparently the monocle is BACK!
1. Chrysler is taking back a $250,000 Viper, they donated to an Olympia community college, with the plan to crush and destroy the car. 2. According to the New york Times, the monocle is back in fashion. 3. The pastry chef who invented the Cronut is back with another inventive dessert. 4. A new study says there are people out there who physiologically just don't respond to music.
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Seattle's First Marijuana Tour is Set to Launch
Kush Tourism is launching, what they say is, Seattle's first marijuana tour. It will be a smoke-free, behind the scenes look at many facets of pot culture, including marijuana cookery and glass pipe blowing.
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Ring My Belle: A normal sized Barbie...named Lammily?
1. Mt Everest is covered in 50 tons of trash and human waste. The Nepalese government is now requiring hikers to bring down trash. 2. In WA state, e-cigarettes will soon be slapped with a 75% tax. 3. In New Orleans, an app called Air PnP was created to help Mardi Gras revelers find a place to use the bathroom. 4. A new Barbie-like doll is in the makings and the idea is that her body has a more average proportion.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Ring My Belle: Would You Pay To Ship NYC Single Ladies to Single SF Brogrammers?
1. Seattle may get a gondola, no tax money required, but will it do anything to help transportation? 2. A dating company launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise money to fly single New York ladies over to San Francisco, where there are more men. 3. A typo was just corrected in a 161 year old New york Times article about "12 Years a Slave." 4. A Missouri candy shoppe (yes, shoppe!) advertised a Fat Tuesday fudge special exclusively for fat people.
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Monday, March 3, 2014
Aleksa Manila: Counselor By Day, Drag Queen By Night
Aleks Martin is a drug and alcohol counselor in Seattle, but at night he transforms into Aleksa Manila, a glamorous drag queen who's donned hundreds of wigs and billions of sequins.
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Ring My Belle: How much did the Oscars pizza guy get tipped?
1. He's not a chef, but a guy pranked several small market TV news station around the holidays, by posing as a chef and doing live cooking segments. 2. A man lost $80,000 he won in a lawsuit because his daughter smugly posted about it on Facebook. 3. The real story behind the guy who delivered the pizzas to the Academy Awards last night.
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Sunday, March 2, 2014
Ring My Belle Weekends: Seattle's Paseo is America's #2 Restaurant!
Rachel and Zack discuss food, the weinermobile and a food theme park in Italy.
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Friday, February 28, 2014
The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Brings Smiles...But No Hot Dogs!
The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile made a pit stop at the KIRO Radio studio today and Rachel Belle learned about who drives the 27 foot long hot dogs, the history of the Wienermobile and why there isn't a single hot dog on board.
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Ring My Belle: Seattle's Paseo Voted Yelp's #2 Restaurant in the US
1. Everyone in Seattle knows that Paseo's sandwiches are amazing, and now the entire country knows. It was listed as #2 on the top restaurant list. 2. The FDA is debating the morality of allowing the genes of three people go into creating a baby. 3. An elderly North Dakota restaurant reviewer is back in the news. 4. In Japan, a man who calls himself a "tear sommelier" holds seminars to help people cry out their emotions.
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Thursday, February 27, 2014
Homeless Grandma? There's A National Senior Housing Crisis
75 year old Colleen Clark is trying to find senior housing, but she's found no availability for an elderly person with section 8 housing. Her issues have been confirmed by the City of Seattle Aging and Disability Services department. There is a national housing shortage for seniors that needs to be solved.
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Ring My Belle: Bringing extinct animals back to life!
1. Some employers now want to know your SAT score before they hire you. 2. Some scientists want to resurrect extinct animals, such as the wooly mammoth. 3. Looking down at your smart phone all the time is making your neck wrinkly. 4. Men and women alike say their physical looks peaked at age 27. Libby says she's hotter at 29.
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014
How to Grieve in the Era of Social Media
Social media has changed the way we grieve. Instead of an obituary, we can tell a loved one's story to thousands with a click of a mouse. These are two very different stories about grieving with social media. One, the wife of a Lakewood police sergeant killed in 2009, the other is about NPR's Scott Simon tweeting while his mother was in the ICU.
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Ring My Belle: Babies Can't Read. No, not even YOUR baby.
1. One in three Americans don't save any money. 2. A new study says no matter how many flash cards you buy, your baby will never read. It's not humanly possible.
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Monday, February 24, 2014
The Art of Speaking in Tongues
Last week, a Kentucky pastor died after refusing to be treated for a religion induced snake bite. That practice is only found in Appalachian churches. But speaking in tongues is a Pentecostal tradition that many of us don't quite understand. Rachel Belle explored the art of speaking in tongues with a Seattle woman who grew up doing just that.
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