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Friday, January 16, 2015

  • Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show, 1-16-15
    Rep. Lee of California supports Obama not referring to "Islamic Extremism" because we don't want to make them angry, Oliver North says gun control is not a strategy in dealing with terrorism, Dave and Nicole on Seahawk superstitions, Boehner says we live in a dangerous country, "Selma" snubbed in Oscar nomination process and Al Sharpton says it's racism, "Skinny Girl Pot" coming to a store near you, Yosemite rock climber had previous encounter with Al Qaeda kidnapper
  • Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 1-16-15
    MIchael Medved visits to talk with Dave about homeless camps, Hawk Talk with Dave and Nicole, MSNBC host says the term "Islamic Terrorism" is a "bastardization of a peaceful religion", The administration doesn't use the term "Islamic Terrorism" because they are afraid of angering them according to Rep. Barbara Lee of California, Geraldo and O'Reilly discus Al Sharpton, There is a cartoon in Sweden that's supposed to teach kids about male and female anatomy, Dave talks with Adina Hicks of Protect Our Gun Rights Washington about rallies in Olympia yesterday
  • Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 1-16-15
    Minimum wage hike this month, 710 ESPN's Michael Grey visits with Dave to talk about this weekend's NFC championship game, Obama tells agencies to advance sick leave for feds with new kids, Michael Medved and Dave talk about Al Sharpton's Oscar comments

Thursday, January 15, 2015

  • The Freedom Foundation's Maxford Nelsen Freedom Foundation
    Maxford Nelson with the Freedom Foundation on a series of complaints they've filed with a state funded labor center
  • Jeff Eisenach, AEI's Director of Center for Internet, Communications, and Technology Policy
    AEI's Director, Center for Internet, Communications, and Technology Policy, Jeff Eisenach, on the President's net neutrality plan
  • Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show, 1-15-15
    Charlie Hebdo cover still creating problems, Bill Clinton says the politics of Islam creates a religion with a huge double standard, Greg Gutfeld asks why when it comes to rape you can't blame the victim but for terrorism you can, Lois Lerner's email continues to embarrass, Rock climbers reach the summit of El Capitan, "Snap Shot" DNA can indentify features of criminals, Antique rifle found next to a tree, 97.3 FM's Tom Tangney visits to talk abou the Oscars
  • Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 1-15-15
    Michael Medved and Dave talk about recent comments made by the Pope that seem to say violence in response to religious insult is ok, Arizona police officer's body camera captures the moment he's fatally wounded by suspect, Sen. Rubio says it's not necessary to travel to the middle east to become radicalized, British press cuts off interview with Hebdo editor because she displays their cover, Duke University to broadcast Muslim prayer, More tent cities proposed in Seattle, Jeff Eisenach of AEI's Center for Internet Communications talks with Dave about Obama's net neutrality plan
  • Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 1-15-15
    The Pope says if you insult someone's religion you should expect a punch, Maxford Nelson of the Freedom Foundation says they have filed a series of complaints with state-funded labor center, 97.3 FM's Tom Tangney talks Oscar nominations with Dave

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

  • Boze Feature: Dave and Nicole on "a world gone to the dogs"
    There is a sweet story of a dog riding a metro bus alone, Dave decides this as society gone mad
  • Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show, 1-14-15
    Surprise: Gov. Inslee wants MORE taxes, Sen. Rubio is very concerned about the Department of Education and Common Core, Gov. Christie says he won't abandon his job for a 2016 bid for president, Chief of Police O'Toole defends 15-day suspension for officer, School principal wants to arm students...with cans, Kyle Bush syas his girlfriend was an assassin, Al Qaeda claims they paid for and planned Paris attack
  • Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 1-14-15
    Michael Medved visits with Dave for a discussion on Inslee's State of the State, Charlie cartoon censorship, Inslee explains how he wants to fund education and it's a form of "Gruberizing", Progressives say two years is not enough free college education...they want an entire 4-year degree given to them, Prosecutors who railroaded Sen. Ted Stevens will escape punishment, Rick Springfield being sued for and out-of-control butt, Bartender says he tried to kill Speaker Boehner
  • Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 1-14-15
    Josh Earnest still dancing around describing this terrorism as Islamic, School wants to arm students with cans?, Russian newspaper says "the Americans" planned the Paris attack, Is our society really going to the dogs?, Gov. Inslee explained how he wants to fund education and it WILL cost you more money, Sen. Rubio is concerned about the Department of Education and Common Core

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

  • Sexy Politics with the Policy Stud, Paul Guppy
    The Washington Policy Center's, Paul Guppy, is back with Sexy Politics
  • Dan DiSalvo, Sr. Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, on Public Unions
    Dan DiSalvo, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute on his book "Government against itself: Public Union Power and Its Consequences"
  • Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show, 1-9-15
    Shake up in Olympia as two republicans vote with democrats, MSNBC correspondent says some French Muslim students did not respect moment of silence, Chris Cuomo of CNN claims U.S. has a phobia when it comes to Islam, Earnest asked at press conference why it's not called "Islamic Extremism", Jimmy Carter speaks in defense of Obama not going to France, Longshore union members rally in Tacoma, There's a true national collegiate football champion, Ohio State cheerleader trampled in the celebraton, Dog takes metro..alone, State Department's Harf is done responding to questions about why Obama didn't represent the U.S. in France
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