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David Boze
A Washington native, David Boze was raised in the Stanwood area. Prior to working in radio, David was a research analyst for the Evergreen Freedom Foundation. When not on the air, he can frequently be found hunting in the Cascade foothills.
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Monday, July 14, 2014
Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 7-14-14
Pope says "like Jesus, I should use a stick" against pedophiles, Holder says there is racial animus behind any criticism of him and Obama, Earnest says Boehner lawsit is nothing more than a stunt funded by taxpayers, Security officer at Target store fired after reporting shoplifting, Comedian Paul Rodriguez opposes illegal immigration
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Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 7-13-14
Michael Medved and Dave discuss foreign policy, Democrats insert race into policy issues, Eric Holder claims racial animus is behind any criticism of him and the president
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Friday, July 11, 2014
He's alive! The ghost of John Curley stops by KTTH studios
John Curley stops by to prove that, indeed he is alive, contrary to popular belief
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The Freedom Foundation's Legacy Society Director, Irene Endicott
Dave talks with Irene Endicott of the Freedom Foundation, she is chairing the luncheon noon July 17 where Jerry Molen, producer of "America" is guest speaker.
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$27K of Washington taxpayer dollars spent on rap song about dog poop
The great state of Washington and the Puget Sound Partnership are working hard to clean up the Puget Sound in part by spending $27,000 on a new rap "Dog Doogity."
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Bring on the Amazon drones
David Boze can't wait for Amazon drone delivery
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Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show, 7-11-14
Pelosi labels Boehner lawsuit irresponsible, Houston mom wants to know why we spend billions to child refugees rather than taking care of our own kids, Obama says since he's not up for re-election he can now tell the truth, Draft notices sent to men born in the late 1800's, 27K spent on a video to remind local residents to scoop the poop, Obama compares himself to Mark Wahlberg
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Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 7-11-14
Krauthammer's take on Lerner emails, John Curley is alive, Financial analyst Steve Rattner says the border is secure, Sage Wilson and supporters of Seattle's new minimum wage law will help people who may have mistakenly signed a petition to put the proposal to a vote, Patty Murray is leading the attack on Hobby Lobby decision, Dave talks with Irene Endicott of the Freedom Foundation about the luncheon where the producer of "America: Imagine the World Without Her" is guest speaker
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Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 7-11-14
Houston woman wonders why we spend billions on child refugees rather than on our own kids, State spends 27K on video to encourage people to scoop their dogs' poop, Kirsten Powers on Fox says "we know he does photo ops", Seth Drayer attacked by a pro-abortion Burger King employee
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Thursday, July 10, 2014
Filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch on Immigration and his film "They Come To America"
Dave talks with Documentary Filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch about the current immigration dilemma. His films include "They Come To America" and "The Come To America II". His new film is "We ride to DC"
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Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show, 7-10-14
Missing girl found, Dinesh's book and the Costco reaction, Todd on Morning Joe says Obama administration looks like they are having a hard time running government, Chris Matthews wonders who on the GOP side can challenge Hillary, Obama says he's not interested in photo ops over border crisis, Cruz says amnesty is unfolding before our eyes
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Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 7-10-14
Dave interviews film maker Dennis Michael Lynch on immigration since he's made several films on the subject, The Chinese are on a hacking spree, Is the GOP demonizing immigrants?, Inslee wants to improve water quality, Dave is "uber" annoyed with Inslee's "fish consumption" proposal
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Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 7-10-14
Costco re-stocks Dinesh's book, Obama is "not interested in a photo op", Inslee's fish consumption proposal and claims about cancer in Washington
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014
The Freedom Foundation's Scott Roberts on a DOE employee "hunting" property owners
Dave talks to the Property Rights Director at the Freedom Founation, Scott Roberts, about a DOE Employee claiming they are "hunting" property owners
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Discovery Institute’s national security and foreign affairs fellow John Wohlstetter
Dave talks with The Discovery Institute’s National Security and Foreign Affairs Fellow John Wohlstetter
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