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Monday, April 13, 2015

  • Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 4-13-15
    Hillary is running for president, Rand Paul's latest ad blasts Hillary as the "worst of the Washington machine, Marco Rubio will announce his run for president this evening, John Kerry says democrats will wage a formidable campaign, Cuban foreign minister says Obama should bypass congress on embargo, Poll: Less than 12 percent of Americans lack health insurance, Kitsap Sun cartoon after 2-yr-old is murdered, Meet the Press tries to stir more controversy by airing what the reports of Walter Scott's shooting WOULD have been without the video
  • Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 4-13-15
    Hillary is in the race for president, Obama comments on Hillary's run, Media reaction to Hillary's announcement, Update on Pasco florist

Friday, April 10, 2015

  • Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show, 4-10-1
    Chic Fil A creating grand opening frenzy, Dash cam video has been released in the Walter Scott shooting, Walter Scott's family has requested that Al Sharpton stay away from this investigation, Hillary will announce her presidential campaign plans via social media, Higher speed limit approved in our state, Man facing jail time for bull dozing behind his house to save it from the river, Rand Paul and Hillary are gearing up for the presidential race
  • Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 4-10-15
    New dash cam video of Walter Scott shooting, Charged police officer's mom speaks, Obama says he should have been more clear about how slowly the economic recovery would be, Professor says if Tsarnaev is executed "the terrorists win", Letourneau and Vili will be on 20/20 tonight, South Carolina teacher punishes student for plugging toilet by making him clear it with his hands, Seattle squatters are persistent
  • Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 4-10-15
    Walter Scott dash cam video adds to investigation, KING 5 news coverage of Kennewick officer's traffic stop, Dave takes a call from listener who still disagrees with Kennewick officer's attitude, Michael Medved has a message about his recovery and return to the air

Thursday, April 9, 2015

  • Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show, 4-9-1
    The investigation continues into the South Carolina shooting as well as the Kennewick shooting, Dave talks to Sue Aikens about her experiences in "Life Below Zero", Man who taped the South Carolina shooting says he thought about deleting it, "Experts" are wrong about the cause of the California drought, Rand Paul eats from the dollar menu, Sen. McCain says Lindsey is going to run for president, Barry Manilow and his partner make it official, Jack Niclaus shows he still has a game at 75, Rand Paul gets some pointers from Megyn Kelly..and he needs them
  • Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 4-9-15
    Boston bomber convicted on all 30 counts, Boston bomber still defends her son and blames America, Man who taped South Carolina shooting thought about deleting it, The investigation into the police shooting in Kennewick continues, Obama blames climate change for Malia's asthma attack, Three V.A. facilities in Washington state fail to meet wait list targets, Big 10 school cancels viewing of "American Sniper", California drought being caused in part by huge marijuana crop, Conversion therapy has been banned
  • Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 4-9-15
    Rand Paul interviews and responds on Kelly File, Kennewick officer investigation report on KING 5 has an unfair edit

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

  • Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show, 4-8-1
    Rand Paul is a candidate for president, Charleston police officer charged with murder, Paul: If you raise defense spending there must be cuts elsewhere to cover the expense, Police shooting in Charleston, Harry Reid still won't apologize for lying about Mitt Romney, Bruce Jenner will be on 20/20 to talk about his gender change, 12-year-old ties for first place in ESPN's bracket challenge, Power outage in D.C., ISIS men need more ISIS women
  • Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 4-8-15
    Charleston mayor speaks about police officer charged with murder, Rand Paul is in the race for president, Rand's wife is no Michelle Obama or so say Halperin and Heilmann, Harry Reid remains steadfast in his lie about Mitt Romney..will not apologize, Is weight regulation around the corner?, Denver bakers cleared in discrimination charge
  • Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 4-8-15
    Rand Paul's declaration that he's running for president continues to spark reaction, What to do with the old 520 pontoons

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

  • Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show, 4-7-1
    Increased minimum wage proposal for Tacoma, Rand Paul enters the presidential race, Obama takes criticism personally when it comes to the Iran deal, Rolling Stone reporter who filed the false rape story at the University of Virginia has not been fired, Some tribes dig in "against gay marriage", Green Peace activists board a Shell oil rig headed to Seattle, Obama tries to stop kids from panicking when bees arrive at egg hunt, Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: Bergdahl deserted
  • Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 4-7-15
    Rand Paul announces his intention to run for president, Rolling Stone "rape" scandal continues, Seattle Times calls for State Auditor Troy Kelley to resign, Washington Post story says climate change deniers are in retreat, Man commits suicide when Las Vegas casino bans him from the buffet, Plastic surgeon kills himself and friends say it was because he was bullied by tv show, Obama tells kids that bees won't hurt them...really?, Tacoma minimum wage being discussed
  • Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 4-7-15
    Paul Guppy visits with Dave to discuss "Sexy Politics" in Olympia, Dave talks with Rev. Wayne Perryman about race and religion, Rand Paul is officially in the race for president

Monday, April 6, 2015

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