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Bob, Groz and Tom

Friday, April 10, 2015

  • Oakland Athletics announcer Roxy Bernstein previews M's-A's series
    Roxy Bernstein, play-by-play announcer for the Oakland A's, joins "Bob, Groz and Tom" to talk the new-look Athletics and their weekend series with the Mariners.
  • John Clayton on Michael Bennett's comments about his contract
    John Clayton makes his weekly appearance with "Bob, Groz and Tom" and dissects what Seahawks DE Michael Bennett said about the money he's making.
  • April 10, 2015 - Hour: 3
    John Clayton joins the program for his "Best Spot of the Week". Also, Bob gets in the cage with one of the nice guys of MMA, Brian Stann.
  • April 10, 2015 - Hour: 2
    Oakland Athletics broadcaster Roxy Bernstein joins the program. Another edition of "Wait a Minute, What?", where the guys discuss athletes families demanding money. The latest iteration of "Have an Opinion, Already!"
  • April 10, 2015 - Hour: 1
    Reaction to Michael Bennett's comments regarding his contract. Is golf in a bad situation without the star-power of Tiger Woods? Will Taijuan Walker be the Mariners next superstar?

Thursday, April 9, 2015

  • April 9, 2015 - Hour: 3
    Dan Shulman of ESPN talks about baseball. He loves the Mariners pitching staff, saying it's the best in the American League. He loves what Seth Smith can do for the team as well. He also addresses some pace of play changes. The NFL hires Sarah Thomas as their first full-time female official. Bob argues, why did it take so long? Should this even be a big deal? In the "Curtain Call" a minor league team in Biloxi, Mississippi has to start the season with a 55-game, 60-day road trip because the stadium isn't ready.
  • April 9, 2015 - Hour: 2
    If the Seahawks had won the Superbowl would people be as critical of Marshawn Lynch? The guys say absolutely not. Rob Manfred visited Safeco Field yesterday and talks about some solutions for baseball moving forward. In "Wait a Minute, What?" the guys discuss the decision to delay charging Darren Sharper after he allegedly raped 9 women. In "Have an Opinion, Already!" the guys talk about the day they'd like to live over and over like "Groundhog Day".
  • April 9, 2015 - Hour: 1
    The guys break down last night's Mariners loss and opening the season 1-2. Nelson Cruz failed to deliver and Rickie Weeks looked overmatched, but if Seth Smith was healthy, he wouldn't have been up. After Iwakuma settled down, it was actually a fairly good game. Michael Bennett of the Seahawks was on "Justin & Gee" earlier and we parse Michael to read into his thoughts on the Seahawks and Jimmy Graham. Are you tired of Marshawn Lynch's act? Tom is. It may have been fun for awhile, but he's over it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

  • April 8, 2015 - Hour: 3
    With Tiger Woods set to tee off in The Masters this weekend, is there anyone on the PGA Tour currently that can challenge Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 majors? Also, what are some other unbreakable sports records?
  • April 8, 2015 - Hour: 2
    Bob, Groz, and Tom talk to's Mariners insider, Shannon Drayer as the Mariners approach the rubber match of their three game series against the Angels. Also, "Wait a Minute, What?" and "Have an Opinion, Already".
  • April 8, 2015 - Hour: 1
    Reaction to the Mariners loss to the Angels. Are Mariners fans overreacting to the game? The difference between being a baseball and football fan.Should fans be worried about Hisashi Iwakuma? Is the NFL trying to make good teams mediocre?
  • Drayer on Mariners' start, expectations for Iwakuma and more
    Mariners reporter Shannon Drayer joins "Bob and Groz" to share her impressions of the team through two games, what she expects this season from right-hander Hisashi Iwakuma and more.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

  • April 7, 2015 - Hour: 3
    Jeff Sullivan joins the show. How do the Ms look after the first season game? Felix Hernandez proved himself yesterday. Are there any concerns with this team?
  • April 7, 2015 - Hour: 2
    'El Hombre' Michael Bradley joins the Bob, Groz and Tom show. The NCAA national title game between Duke and Wisconsin made history. Plus, the Ms could be in the formula to win the World Series. Today's "Wait a Minute, What?" Burger King is paying for a couples wedding day.
  • April 7, 2015 - Hour: 1
    The Mariners get the W yesterday. Did they live up to the hype on Opening Day? Felix Hernandez had a great game at the season opener. Plus, could Safeco field be the same as Century Link stadium? And, Duke beats Wisconsin to secure Coach K's 5th title.
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