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  • November 26, 2012 - Hour: 1
    Angus Jones is Jake from Two and a Half Men urges viewers to stop watching the show because it's "filth". Jones says that the show is more than just entertainment and that television is far more dangerous than we know. Mykayla Comstock, a 7-year-old girl suffering from leukemia is one of Oregon's youngest medical marijuana patients. The mother supports it; however, the father doesn't agree with his daughter using cannabis. Tim Eyman, wants to make it easier to for local initiatives to be voted on and make it harder for local officials to go to court to stop citizens from voting on the initiative, basically let the litigation happen after the initiative has been voted on. It was a record breaking box office weekend, hits include the new James Bond and Twilight movies.
  • November 26, 2012 - Hour: 2
    The Apple Cup 2012 had a surprise ending, one that kept fans waiting with bated breath and for some turn to superstitious tendencies, such as Dave Boze who planned his bathroom breaks depending on how the Cougars were doing. We share a father's bitterly and unfiltered email to his middle aged children. A study produced by the adult entertainment industry claims that porn stars have a solid body image and good emotional health. Mannequins are watching you, careful what you say in front of a mannequin. The EyeSee mannequin has cameras for eyes, audio recording capabilities, an embedded computer to analyze shoppers' faces, and a modem to upload the data to a server.
  • November 26, 2012 - Hour: 3
    If you only watched the news and didn't experience shopping first hand you may have thought it was an extreme sport by the way people behaved and reacted over bargain shopping. The numbers reported by the National Retail Federation don't seem to add up, according to their report they claim that almost every American was shopping Black Friday, hmmm. Sweden is taking those gender stereotypes and throwing them on their head. They're now advertising toys with girls holding Nerf guns and boys playing with doll houses. A Mexican mayor is courageous beyond belief, her life was sacrificed in the face of greed. It may be easy to dismiss politicians and their motivations. This woman, Maria Santos was beautiful in many ways, but it was her courage that was the most remarkable. A comedian, Jose Ba

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