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Dr. Lee Yardley: Restoring Health, Improving Lives, Naturally

Listen to Dr. Yardley discuss varied health conditions and the effect of restoring the compromised brain body connection thus removing the inference that is preventing the body from healing itself. His patients will share how their health and quality of life has improved after receiving care at the Yardley Institute. Patients discuss more common health conditions ranging from headaches/migraines, carpel tunnel, fibromyalgia, sciatica and back and neck pain to less common health conditions as plantar fasciitis, Parkinson's, MS, spinal stenosis, herniated and bulging disks, complex region pain syndrome and how many were able to avoid surgery. Listen to Dr. Yardley's informative discussions and the inspiring stories from his patients.

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  • May 17, 2014 - Hour: 1
    Dr Yardley talks discusses trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, the brain body connection, and the process of determining if you are a candidate for care. His patients discuss improvements they experienced after their brain body connection was restored and the body was able to heal itself. These improvements included such things as being able to avoid the need for neck surgery and experience relief from the devastating condition diagnosed as complex region pain syndrome.

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