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Luke Burbank Show
A provoking, clever, insightful analysis of the news of the day. Luke's snarky sensibility and voracious news appetite collide to create a show that caters to those who need to be in the know.
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013
July 26, 2013 - Hour: 2
Ariel Castro pleads guilty to avoid the death penalty
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July 26, 2013 - Hour: 1
Fast food jobs are the deadest of all dead end jobs
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Thursday, July 25, 2013
Sir Mix-A-Lot reflects on Macklemore and the new face of the rap game
Capitol Hill went slightly nuts last night over a Macklemore video shoot at Dickís. The video was an homage to Sir Mix-A-Lotís ďPosse on Broadway.Ē Mix joins us to reflect on how times have changed since he shot his video at Dickís.
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Are high expectations for a team a blessing or a curse?
Itís a beautiful day today. The sun is shining. And itís the first day of the 2013 season for the Seahawks. (Football everybody! Football!!) The hawks are expected by many to be a Super Bowl contender. Luke and Tom wonder whether high pre-season expectations are a blessing or a curse.
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July 25, 2013 - Hour: 2
A peculiar crime wave sweeps Capitol Hill
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July 25, 2013 - Hour: 1
Seahawks can handle the pressure, bro
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Burbank: Leopards donít change their spots, but they usually get better at hiding in the weeds
Anthony Weiner is unique because he, unlike other politicians whoíve weathered sex scandals, hasnít gotten better at covering up his personal life. America loves a second act, but a third is stretching it.
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What to do when your seatmate passes out on you
What do you do when your seatmate falls asleep on you?
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July 24, 2013 - Hour: 1
Will Carlos Danger Finally sink Anthony Weiner?
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July 24, 2013 - Hour: 2
Prosecutors are seeking to charge Aaron Hernandez for 2012 double murder
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Does Ryan Braun owe his urine tester an apology?
Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun has been suspended for the remainder of the season for drug violations. Does Braun owe the urine tester -- the man whoís reputation Braun besmirched -- an apology? NPRís Mike Pesca joins us to discuss.
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Espresso owner upset about proposed Aurora Ave. needle exchange
The owner of Lylaís Family Espresso along Aurora Avenue is upset about a proposed needle exchange going in next door. He joins us to explain why.
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July 23, 2013 - Hour: 1
Odds makers take bets on possible royal baby name
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