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Rachel Belle

  • Friendship apps offer new pals, but also insecurity

    We use dating apps, so why not an app to find a new friend? But some women using the apps feel embarrassed by them.
  • FIRE

    Retire in your 30s with the FIRE movement

    Young professionals are embracing FIRE: a combination of extreme saving and index fund investing that's allowing them to retire in their 30s and survive a future market crash.
  • Obama’s former adviser, Dan Pfeiffer, on eating at the White House

    Dan Pfeiffer is the co-host of the popular podcast "Pod Save America," and he worked closely with President Barack Obama for six years. His new book is called "Yes We (Still) Can: Politics in the Age of Obama, Twitter, and Trump." He's the latest guest on Rachel Belle's Your Last Meal podcast.
  • The not-so-super experience of being a supertaster

    Being a supertaster means you have four to five more taste buds than the average person. So food and drink with bitter companants, like coffee and Brusses sprouts, are often far to strong for their liking.
  • pizza box

    Beyond the straw ban: Seattle pizza parlor offers reusable pizza box

    How long do you use a pizza box? That's why Seattle's World Pizza has introduced what they believe to be the country's first reusable pizza box.
  • chicken farm

    When you love animals, but you eat them, too

    Grant Jones left Seattle to work on a Shelton chicken farm. He had never slaughtered a chicken before. Rachel gets up close and personal with the process of killing your food.
  • 90% of spas and resorts won’t give massages and facials to people touched by cancer

    The nonprofit Wellness for Cancer is on a mission: to train as many of the world's spa practitioners, so they don't turn away those dealing with cancer.
  • voicemail

    Voicemail contradiction: We hate leaving messages, but love saving them

    A lot of people (cue the millennial bashing) no longer leave voicemails. But we value voicemail more than we think. Many of us have saved the funny ones, the sentimental ones, the voices of loved ones we don't often see.
  • Oregon woman with golden palate may have created some of your favorite foods

    With just a sniff and a bite, Sarah Masoni prides herself on her ability to pick out every ingredient that went into a dish.
  • Diana Nyad

    Record holding swimmer Diana Nyad is motivating Americans to walk more

    Diana Nyad is the only person to ever swim from Cuba to Florida. Nyad has since launched EverWalk, an initiative that urges Americans to walk more. EverWalk Epic Walks Pacific Northwest is a 134 mile group walk from White Rock, BC to West Seattle, starting this Sunday.
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