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Foxy lady coffee
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Rachel Belle

  • Foxy lady coffee

    Lives of Washington bikini baristas in Amazon’s new show

    Local bikini barista chain, Foxy Lady Coffee, is the subject of a new Amazon reality show called "Foxy Ladies." Rachel Belle visited the Tacoma shop to chat with baristas working in the controversial industry.
  • Jennifer Pharr Davis

    Record breaker Jennifer Pharr Davis on hiking while pregnant

    Jennifer Pharr Davis broke the speed record on the Appalachian Trail in 2011. She says when it comes to long distance hiking, men and women are equally strong.
  • siblings

    Four states, 12 siblings, one sperm donor and a special bond

    Every year, eight families meet up in California with their collective 12 siblings for a vacation. They all used the same sperm donor to get pregnant and found each other on a donor sibling registry.
  • Did you know there is a national park in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood?

    Of the country's 417 national parks, only 69 of them are traditional parks with mountains, trees and streams. Pioneer Square boasts its own national park staffed with uniformed park rangers.
  • seattle board game

    Seattle board game company taps into pop culture

    Seattle board game company Forrest-Pruzan recently came out with a very popular Bob Ross game and a Choose your Own Adventure game is on the way.
  • Seattle’s own Kenny G talks music and food with Rachel Belle. Oh, and he says he didn’t invent the Frappuccino!

    Saxophone player Kenny G went to Seattle's Franklin High School, where he played in the jazz band. He chatted with Rachel Belle for her podcast, Your Last Meal.
  • king street station

    Seattle’s King Street Station could host an immigrant-run market

    Non-profit MarketShare wants to turn the top floor of Seattle's King Street Station into a food hall run by immigrant cooks. It just launched a fundraising campaign to get 100,000 people to raise $100,000.
  • off the grid

    A travel company for people who truly want to go off the grid

    Off The Grid travel takes your phone away on the first day of your trip. In exchange you get a watch, a camera, a journal and an adventure with other like-minded unplugged travelers.
  • Singer/Songwriter Linda Perry’s last meal + how sound can affect taste

    4 Non Blondes frontwoman and Songwriter Hall of Famer, Linda Perry, doesn't care about food. She's all about music. So Rachel Belle interviews an Oxford professor who has studied how sound and music can influence the taste of food.
  • A decade after her death, Edith Macefield’s Ballard house will be restored

    Edith Macefield made international headlines when she turned down a million dollar offer from developers to bulldoze her house so they could build a new shopping center in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood.
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