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Everybody likes to kick FHA - until help is needed

Are lenders more concerned about getting caught or underwriting loans that help a variety of borrowers?

Compromise could mean cheaper mortgages for consumers

The new rule compels banks to retain 5 percent of the loans where borrowers spend more than 43 percent of their monthly income to repay debt.

Do you talk with your neighbor? Only 50% get along

Eighty-two percent of households said they had talked to their neighbor in the past month.

Lowest rates in 16 months bring mild refinance rush

Mortgage rates for most loan products fell to their lowest level since June 2013.

UW, Virginia Tech studies show payoff for landscaping

Upgrading a home's landscape from average to excellent can raise its overall value by 10 percent to 12 percent.

Local company moves to secure, preserve precious documents

The concept of documenting assets, once used primarily for disaster protection, has evolved into a huge sophisticated world of preservation and updating.

Wells settles maternity discrimination suit with borrowers

A spokesman said the bank will change its underwriting guidelines when it comes to evaluating mortgage loan applications for those on maternity leave.

Fair swap: Detroit owner willing to trade brick home for iPhone

"It sounds like he wants the premium version, the iPhone 6 Plus, but I'm sure that he's willing to negotiate."

Excessive lending standards still affecting home sales

Eighty-three percent of homebuilders polled said they lost a sale due to buyers not qualifying for a mortgage.

Former Federal Reserve chairman fails loan refinance

Ben Bernanke said it's "entirely possible" that lenders have established too-tight mortgage credit conditions.