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Household budgets: New buyers face rising loan costs

With rate-hike forecasts looming, can buyers count on borrowing costs to stay low?

Seattle ranked fifth in national home price appreciation

The Seattle market saw an eight percent annual increase in August compared to an average annual decrease of seven percent a year ago.

Solar-powered home systems become more affordable

The federal incentive is a 30 percent tax credit in the first year after installing solar that currently runs through 2016. The annual state credit depends on how much solar is produced by an individual home and is capped at $5,000.

Lenders luring jumbo borrowers for other bank services

Jumbo borrowers tend to have better track records in repaying their loans and have lower default rates, so more banks are willing to take the gamble on them.

Lenders leery of penalties, pull away from FHA loans

Lenders say they are concerned that they will be penalized if underwriting errors occur and the loans default.

Expedia to feature more rent-by-owner properties

Vacation rental property managers and owners using HomeAway's pay-per-booking listing model may now also choose to advertise their properties on for no additional charge.

Sellers of vacant homes find insurance a tough go

Insurance companies simply do not want to deal with unoccupied, vacant and for-sale homes.

Smart homes that consumers actually want

The survey showed respondents wanted to be able to adjust the thermostat, turn on the lights, or start the coffee pot before they get out of bed.

Credit fear curtailing loan applications - Wells Fargo

Mortgage lender says many customers believe it's much more difficult to get a mortgage than it really is.

Dorm alternative entails more than cash

If your child is headed to a major college or university, the chances are very good your investment will show at least modest appreciation.