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'Can I pick my neighbor's apples?' - 9 a.m. Sunday

Can you cut the limbs of the tree so that the leaves do not fall into your yard?

The Nudist Niche: When your buyers are naked

Just how big is the nudist niche? In the first six months of this year, Youngblood sold 22 properties at prices ranging from $135,000 to $800,000.

New plan helps local military families save on loans

Five lenders are pledging to make frequent checks of the Defense Department database to see if their customers can take advantage of any unclaimed benefits.

'This is not a scam' - State borrowers wary of HARP

The FHFA estimates that about 800,000 families across the country could save nearly $2,300 per year on their mortgage payments with HARP.

Three reasons home loan demand is dropping

Why aren't more homebuyers taking advantage of low interest rates?

Top three reasons single owners decide to buy

Many singles were intimidated by the home-buying process

California case throws wrench into 'dual agency' transactions

The decision could greatly influence how two agents in the same office represent bother the seller and buyer in the same transaction.

Understanding 'aging suites' and mother-in-law units

With the cost of care-giving facilities and services soaring, it may be more affordable for parents to move in with their children.

Full-time, part-time rental owners have more tools

Helpful tools that enable vacation owners to run their businesses more efficiently also are on the rise.

Targeting the rich: Broker opens office in Rolls dealership

While shoppers peruse cars, they'll also be tempted to "find a home for their new car."