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  • Luke got married!

    Congratulations to Luke and his beautiful bride, Carey!
  • Mayor Mike McGinn shares a handy trick

    Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn really impressed KIRO Radio host Luke Burbank with a technique he uses to keep his suit jacket looking sharp even when he's got to pack it away for his bike ride to work.
  • Luke offers semi-legal Seattle fireworks show

    While the organizers of Seattle's Family Fourth say they're cancelling the fireworks show this year because of a funding shortfall, KIRO Radio's Luke Burbank is magnanimously offering to take the $50,000 that was raised put on a pretty impressive show of his own.
  • Dave and Luke now have their own blogs

    Dave Ross and Luke Burbank now each have their own shows. Find updates from Dave Ross on Seattle's Morning News and from The Luke Burbank Shows on their new blogs.
  • Canada kills the penny; should we follow?

    Canada is saying "so long" to the penny, ending distribution of the one cent coin after Feb 4. And KIRO Radio's Luke Burbank says it's time for the U.S. to follow.
  • Weekly Burbank Knowledge-off Quiz: Oprah Trivia

    Oprah is the topic of this first ever only Burbank Knowledge-off Quiz.
  • Soldiers weigh in on women in combat

    Service members call in to the Luke Burbank Show to offer their insights into the Pentagon's decision to allow women in combat.
  • Q & A with Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn

    Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn joined KIRO Radio's Ross and Burbank Show to discuss many issues concerning the city this Thursday morning. They covered the Sacramento Kings deal, the tunnel boring machine delays, drugs in Belltown, and guns.
  • It wasn’t your typical presidential inaugural address

    In a speech that typically stays general, President Barack Obama kicked off his second term appealing to the liberal base of his party.
  • NFL hopes dashed? Where the Manti Te’o hoax stops, starts is still a mystery

    It's all some kind of hoax, and we're not sure where it ends and where it begins. We don't fully know Manti Te'o's involvement, but now we do know that his girlfriend that died of Leukemia never existed.