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Saul Spady

  • lobbying

    Spady: Will Democrats call out union lobbying dollars before demonizing AIPAC?

    If Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is going to call out the American Israel Public Affairs Committee for its lobbying money, then she should also call out teachers unions for spending even more on politicians.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Spady: Trump and AOC signal the death of the American political party system

    Ocasio-Cortez is the beginning of the end for the Democratic Party. I’ve compared her to President Trump before and I’ll do it again. I believe that Trump is also the beginning of the end for the Republicans.
  • homelessness

    Spady: Seattle’s ‘best’ isn’t good enough

    If this is the 'best' our city can do, then our politicians just aren’t good enough.
  • fence

    ‘Let’s build a ‘wence’ where we need it!’

    All of this nonsense in Washington D.C. is a result of a definition debate over 'wall' and 'fence' that has paralyzed our country.
  • snow

    Helping the homeless get to shelters during Seattle’s snow storm

    Mary’s Place Executive Director Marty Hartman spoke with The Saul Spady Show about the dire situation many are facing this week, and what the public can do to help.
  • Howard Schultz

    Spady: Howard Schultz and the rise of the Centrist Independent

    After I attended the Howard Schultz event last night, I believe more than I ever have in the ability of those in the middle to start affecting the passionate partisan politics that are currently ruling our country.
  • hustle culture

    Spady: Why you shouldn’t buy into millennial ‘hustle culture’

    New York Times author Erin Griffith made an observation this week about millennials. She was puzzled by what she called "hustle culture."
  • Spokane Eastern Washington

    What happens when Seattle politics seep into Eastern Washington?

    Washington may not be the biggest state in the country, but living in Seattle, it can be easy to forget that its politics are diverse.
  • Ann Davison Sattler Seattle City Council candidate

    Seattle council candidate Ann Davison Sattler pushes for balance in city politics

    Another Seattle City Council candidate has thrown their hat into the ring in Ann Davison Sattler, and she came on KTTH's Saul Spady Show on Friday to chat about her agenda, the city's divisive politics, and more. 
  • Microsoft

    Chris Rufo: Microsoft’s $500 million investment should be a wake-up call for Seattle

    Former city council candidate Christopher Rufo discusses Microsoft's $500 million investment, which he believes showed how differently Seattle and Eastside cities treat big business.
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