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Should the Seahawks go after Randy Moss?

The Vikings waived Randy Moss on Tuesday. (AP Photo) staff

The Vikings' decision to waive Randy Moss has the wide receiver looking for a new home.

The Seahawks – in need of help at the position and not shy about making transactions – are considered to be one of the possible destinations.

One of the most prolific receivers in league history, Moss is also one of the most controversial, considered by many to be selfish and often unmotivated throughout his 13-year career.

That polarizing nature was at the center of Brock and Salk's debate on Tuesday about whether the Seahawks should try to acquire Moss.

Brock thinks absolutely not, given how Moss' attitude doesn't fit Pete Carroll's philosophy.

Brock: "It just does not make sense for this organization right now... Do you see Randy Moss coming into this environment and being one of 53 and buying in as everybody else does? Then it is a 'No'."

While he doesn't think it's a no-brainer that the Seahawks should go after Moss, Salk thinks the receiver's ability outweighs the baggage.

Salk: "Randy Moss might be the most talented wide receiver in the game still today. Randy Moss is that deep threat. Randy Moss is the guy who could be a true, legitimate No. 1 who can have coverage dictated to him and can still beat it. He can allow Mike Williams to play what he really should be doing - a possession receiver. He can allow (Deon Butler, Golden Tate and Brandon Stokley) to go into the slot. He could really completely change the dynamic of this offense."

While nobody is questioning Moss' on-field abilities, Brock thinks it's a stretch to assume that Moss will respect coach Carroll's "All In" philosophy.

Brock: "He does affect a defense. Teams will still roll up to him and be concerned with him. But the effort level, the desire, the want to be shipped to Siberia and to come and play in this environment. To buy-in and be a part of this thing with Pete Carroll, right now? I just don't see that working out."

Although Moss has been labeled as a locker room cancer, Salk believes the Seahawks should take the risk in signing the controversial receiver in order to have a shot at the playoffs.

Salk: "What it comes down to is this. do you think they are a contender with Randy Moss on the team? You are only picking up a few million dollars - which clearly this team has - to make a run this year.

"If you think with Randy Moss you are good enough to get to an NFC playoff game, then you've got to do it because it's only for one year."

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