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Getting ready to play three quarters

By Liz Mathews

Mounting injuries to starters on the Seahawks offensive line apparently won't affect Matt Hasselbeck's playing time in the Seahawks third preseason game against the Vikings on Saturday.

"Matt Hasselbeck is going to play into the second half, so that's what the plan is," Pete Carroll said after Thursday's practice. "I'm not sure, other than that, that's what we have to do this week. Everybody is getting ready to play three quarters of football as far as our starters, well see what happens."

Mansfield Wrotto will get the start on Saturday at left tackle in place of Russell Okung, who suffered a high ankle sprain in the first quarter of Saturday's loss to Green Bay. Mike Gibson will start at left guard for Ben Hamilton, who sat out of practice for the second straight day with a sleeve on his right leg.

"And then we're just going to fill in from there," Carroll said.

Chester Pitts, who was unable to jump into the routine this week as originally planned, won't play Saturday.

In better offensive line news, Ray Willis has now undergone surgery, and is on the mend.

"It all went really well," said Carroll. "He'll be coming around here next week, getting back with us. But it's going to be awhile before he's right. "

Linebacker Lofa Tatupu will get his first preseason action Saturday. Carroll had nothing but the best to say about the three-time Pro Bowler:

He's a very special player. We see it during the course of the week in practice and his instincts about finding routes and stuff in coverage and play-action passes is just way, way above the other guys. He's just that much better. Not only will he play that position better, but he'll also add to everybody's play because of his alerts and his awareness. He's going to give our guys a heads up on what's coming and he has a special savvy for the game that helps everybody play better.

David Hawthorne, out of practice this week, has been bothered by a hip injury. Said Carroll, "He's got a hip that's bothering him a little bit and it hasn't quite quieted down like we thought it would." Hawthorne will sit this game out as well.

Tight end Cameron Morrah who had sat out the last two days with a bout of flu, was back on the field today and will see some playtime come Saturday.

The Seahawks have a travel day tomorrow and Saturday's kickoff is set for 5pm Pacific Time.


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