Hey Friendos! It's that time of year again, time for the TBTL Song of the Summer contest. This year, with help from our pals over at Chateau Ste. Michelle!

FAQ: What exactly are we trying to decide with this Song of the Summer contest?
A: Great question! We're not totally sure!

You see, this started off years ago, as a way to try and predict that summer song that was going to be everywhere: blaring from car stereos, backyard BBQ's, baseball stadium PA's and anywhere else summery stuff happens. However, it's also turned into something more aspirational. A chance for you, The Tens of Listeners to tip the rest of us off to whichever song you're loving that we all should be rocking this summer. So please, give us your suggestions below. The winner will be announced at our annual Chateau St. Michelle /TBTL Summer BBQ where we'll be raising #AToastTo the Song of the Summer with some great wine.

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