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California shooting
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  • California shooting

    Dori: As Antifa slanders cops, an officer gives his life to save shooting victims

    As a Portland Antifa mob shouted, "All cops are [expletive]," a Ventura County Sheriff's sergeant ran straight into a bloodbath to give his life saving others in the California shooting.
  • elections

    Dori’s listeners react to I-1639 and I-940 passage

    Dori's listeners react to the election, in particular the passage of gun control measure I-1639 and police oversight measure I-940.
  • Dori Monson reacts to the midterm election results

    With the results from the election pouring in, Dori analyzes the races and initiatives that were on the ballot.
  • Progressive Liberal

    ‘Progressive Liberal’ wrestler wants more discourse, less disagreement

    Wrestler Daniel Richards, who is known as the "Progressive Liberal," talks about competing in red states and his hopes for political unity in the United States.
  • Jay Inslee

    Dori: Jay Inslee exploits low-income residents for his own selfish aspirations

    Jay Inslee does not care that his regressive carbon tax, I-1631, will exploit and steal from those with the lowest incomes; he needs the tax to pass for his own selfish aspirations to run for president in 2020.
  • Washington State Ballot, Washington ballot measures, 5th legislative district

    Dori: The election won’t save your soul — only you can do that

    Contrary to what the Seattle Times' new social justice columnist claims, voting in an election will not save our souls. Why? Because politicians -- on both sides of the aisle -- are about the most soulless beings out there.
  • SPD, Seattle police, Ballard

    Dori: Ballard stabbing a tragic sign that vigilantism is starting in Seattle

    With the combination of attracting criminals from around the nation to Seattle and not letting our police officers do their jobs, citizens are being forced to become vigilantes. As we saw in Friday's Ballard stabbing, this can have dangerous consequences.
  • I-1639

    Dori: Protect law enforcement and gun rights — vote no on I-1639, I-940

    Two of the initiatives on our ballot, I-1639 and I-940, would allow the criminals to take over the region ever more than they already are by handcuffing police officers and imposing harsh regulations on law-abiding gun owners.
  • carbon tax

    Dori: ‘Scientists’ pushing carbon tax are social justice warriors

    The scientists promoting the I-1631 carbon tax are simply pushing a social justice agenda because that is what scientists do.
  • Protection order against Chimacum School Board member dropped

    A Kitsap County Superior Court judge dropped a protection order against Chimacum School Board member Robert Bunker.
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