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King County sheriff
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  • King County sheriff

    King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht on gangs and gun storage

    King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht discusses the hot topics in the King County Sheriff's Office, such as the office's coming gang unit and the county's new gun storage law. 
  • UW College Republicans

    UW College Republicans president says liberal students try to eliminate free speech

    A bastion of free speech? According to the president of UW College Republicans and a street preacher who regularly visits the campus, the university population is filled with hatred for everyone right of center.
  • Paul Allen

    Pete Carroll on Paul Allen: He’s a hero of the Northwest

    Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talks to Dori Monson about Seahawks owner Paul Allen's cancer diagnosis.
  • Kavanaugh confirmation

    Dori’s listeners weigh in on Kavanaugh confirmation

    Dori's listeners call in to give their reactions to Sen. Susan Collins' historic speech and the coming Kavanaugh confirmation.
  • des moines, Everett

    Everett woman says police refused to search stolen car full of needles

    An Everett man was shocked to find needles and other drug paraphernalia in his car after it was stolen. His family was more shocked at what they say was a disinterested response from law enforcement.
  • seattle police

    Magnolia business frustrated by police’s late response to burglarized Shell station

    The owners of a Magnolia Shell station that lost $15,000 worth of merchandise in a burglary cannot believe how long it has taken to get a response from police.
  • abortion

    Video: Pro-choice man roundhouse kicks female pro-life activist

    Captured on video: the moment a pro-choice man kicked a female pro-life activist on a street corner in Toronto.
  • Seattle runner, gary steiner, Green Lake attack, Kelly Herron

    Kelly Herron on Green Lake attack: Seattle isn’t listening to women

    The woman who fought off a rapist while running at Golden Gardens last year discusses her reaction to the similar Green Lake attack on another female jogger.
  • New York Vinnie

    Why New York Vinnie supports King County Council’s new gun ordinance

    A meeting of the radio personalities -- Dori and old friend "New York Vinnie" Richichi debate King County's new gun storage law, which mandates that firearm owners lock their weapons in a safe.
  • protest

    Rape survivor: Seattle #CancelKavanaugh rally aims to change status quo

    The women behind the #CancelKavanaugh walkout and march planned for Oct. 4 downtown Seattle say that it is time to change the way that society looks at sexual assault survivors who come forward with their testimonies.
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