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Summer Adventure Series
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Dori Monson

  • Summer Adventure Series

    What stunt should be next on Dori’s Summer Adventure Series list?

    Dori wants to bring back his famous Summer Adventure Series -- but he needs suggestions from listeners on which stunts he should try next. What should he do?
  • bus service

    Metro bus ad depicts Seattle officials as gangland figures

    A bus ad that depicts Seattle's corrupt politicians in proper style -- as gangland figures. Seattle could use more sobering ads like this.
  • pearl jam

    Pearl Jam’s effort is admirable, but money isn’t an answer to homelessness

    Dori lauds Pearl Jam for raising millions of dollars to fight homelessness, but points out that throwing money at the problem is a useless endeavor as long as Seattle's current politicians are still in charge.
  • Seattle Police

    Dori: Seattle police RV fire response was the anomaly, not the norm

    Dori criticizes the Seattle Police Department for publicly portraying itself as an agency that always responds to crimes quickly, when in actuality, Seattle does not enforce its laws.
  • safeco field roof

    Mariners VP: We want Safeco Field to be around for 100 years

    Fred Rivera, executive vice president of the Mariners, explains why the Mariners need $180 million from the city's hotel-motel tax for upkeep of Safeco Field.
  • medical marijuana card

    Michigan grandmother arrested for expired medical marijuana card

    It's Dori's favorite interview ever. An 80-year-old woman in Michigan was arrested and put in jail for possessing pot with an outdated medical marijuana card.
  • climate change, carbon tax

    Dori: Climate change alarmists use entirely phony arguments

    Dori deconstructs the arguments made by climate change alarmists over the last 30 years that humans are destroying the planet.
  • Craigslist post

    Dori’s favorite Craigslist post

    Dori found his favorite Craigslist post of all time.
  • homeless, RV, Seattle

    Dispute results in SWAT team standoff, RV fire

    KIRO 7's Tracy Taylor describes the SWAT team standoff and RV fire in SoDo early Tuesday morning.
  • Ballard, market street

    Man on Market Street tells pregnant woman he will kill her baby

    A pregnant woman was walking to work along Ballard's Market Street in Seattle when a man came up to her and threatened to kill her baby. She's moving out of town.
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