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Michael Medved

  • college

    Affirmative action for rich kids

    The cheating scandal in college admissions should force immediate changes at leading universities. For instance, corrupt parents bribed coaches and created false records for their kids, who pretended to be athletic stars in water polo, rowing or sailing.
  • An Ivy League degree is no ‘golden ticket’

    If you're writing books, or broadcasting, your ability to communicate matters a lot but the prestige of your college diploma matters not at all. We're measured by what we do, and not by the schools we attended.
  • gloria bell

    ‘Gloria Bell’ inhabits a world most films don’t go to

    "Gloria Bell" goes in very unexpected directions which are a little bit inconclusive. I don't think they are preparing a sequel, but if they did, I would go and see it.
  • lobbying

    Message to Omar: Question judgment, not ‘allegiance,’ of opponents

    Imagine if conservatives had attacked freshman congress member Ilhan Omar by questioning her loyalty to the United States and suggesting that she cared more about her Muslim faith or her Somali homeland than she did about America.
  • michael cohen

    Medved: Michael Cohen’s remarks undermined both himself and Trump’s defenders

    Michael Medved on why the Michael Cohen hearing appeared pointless, and how Cohen undermined himself and Trump's Republican defenders.
  • assault rifle, gun, 1639, 1639 gun initiative

    Believing lies about murder rates and causes

    A new Marist Poll shows more than two-thirds of Americans think the gun murder rate has gone up in America since 1994. In truth, the rate of gun homicides has been cut nearly in half.
  • john wayne

    Attack on John Wayne Show the distance we’ve traveled

    There's a positive side to the nasty controversy that's erupted over 1971 comments by legendary movie star John Wayne.
  • Liberal racism poisons immigration debate

    AOC's attempt to give Latino migrants special, favorable status is just as wrong-headed as treating them more harshly based on nations of origin.
  • shutdown

    Medved: Will shutdown be America’s last ever?

    If President Trump got behind such legislation, which already has 20 co-sponsors, he'd score a popular political win, avoid a shutdown, and deliver a blessing for all future presidents and Congresses.
  • schultz

    The truth about Lincoln’s ‘Third-Party’

    We ought to be honest about Honest Abe: his career demonstrates the durability of the two-party system, not the advantages of quixotic political experiments.
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