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Michael Medved

  • front runner

    Medved: ‘The Front Runner’ is one of the best political films ever

    "The Front Runner" has no heroes or villains, and is the precise antidote to today's partisanship. It tells the story of Gary Hart, a senator from Colorado who always had rumors swirling around him while running for office.
  • The demographic division that matters most

    The demographic division that counts most in presidential elections has nothing to do with race, gender or income: it involves state boundaries that determine votes in the Electoral College.
  • Hurting the press, the president and the country

    Jim Acosta, the aggressively arrogant reporter for CNN, posed a recent question illustrating the biggest problem with the press.
  • Placing race and gender over ideals and achievements

    In the midterm elections, Democrats won control of the House of Representatives while focusing more on the ethnicity or gender of the new legislators than on their ideas or agendas.
  • Something for both sides to celebrate

    The midterm elections provided a rare occasion for conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats, to look at the same events and feel a shared sense of satisfaction and encouragement.
  • the girl in the spider's web

    ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’ is one of the worst films of the year

    Filled with excessive, fetishized sadism, 'The Girl in the Spider's Web' is one of the worst films of the year.
  • memorial to pittsburgh synagogue

    Medved: The Kingdom of Kindness

    Our friend Charlie -- a marine officer, an NRA gun instructor and internationally renowned opera singer -- heard the news about the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, and immediately took it upon himself to come to our synagogue to protect his friends.
  • bohemian rhapsody

    ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ breaks many of the cliches you might expect

    "Bohemian Rhapsody" is better than you think, and better than the reviews are indicating. And it brings a very different angle to the usual rock star story.
  • Law enforcement at a Pittsburgh synagogue

    Medved: Stress blessing, not blame

    It's a shame that politicians on both sides tried to blame their opponents for the horrific synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, and in perspective, this incident should have provoked gratitude instead of finger-pointing
  • Beto

    Beto’s blunder

    Beto's blunder makes it obvious to all that anyone who votes for Democratic Congressional or Senatorial candidates is voting for more of the same.
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