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Michael Medved

  • Curled up in a ball of white shame

    As Dr. King made clear, in a decent society, individuals must be judged -- and must judge themselves -- on the content of their character, not the color of their skin.
  • socialist

    Trouble in socialist paradise

    The left regularly cites the Nordic nations as proof that socialism works but a new report from the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen shows trouble in paradise.
  • A victory for respectful persuasion

    An unexpectedly encouraging development in California should remind us that conversation can work better than confrontation in politics.
  • mccain

    Mysteries in the mourning for John McCain

    How is it that the respect and affection for the late Senator John McCain seemed so overwhelming after his recent death, but he could never get a majority to vote for him?
  • operation finale

    ‘Operation Finale’ is well-acted, historically responsible, and compelling

    Michael Medved reviews "Operation Finale," the story of the hunt for high-ranking SS officer Adolph Eichmann, who is played by Ben Kingsley in a Oscar-worth performance.
  • Republicans

    The question that will decide the election

    Republicans can win by moving away from polarizing personalities and emphasizing the steady progress that's helped everyday Americans under the last two years of GOP control.
  • mccain

    McCain’s memory should make GOP proud

    The passing of Senator John McCain reminded me of why I feel proud to be a Republican.
  • prayer

    The evidence for faith

    When I began praying every day, and then observing the sabbath, my life dramatically improved.
  • voters

    The Republican challenge with young voters

    Unless we can swing youthful voters toward conservative ideas, emphasizing better plans for their present and future, the prospects for the Republican party may be grim.
  • The real meaning of ‘government of laws, not men’

    In these polarizing times, all Americans would benefit from greater emphasis on policy, and less focus on personality.
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