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Michael Medved

  • shutdown

    Medved: Will shutdown be America’s last ever?

    If President Trump got behind such legislation, which already has 20 co-sponsors, he'd score a popular political win, avoid a shutdown, and deliver a blessing for all future presidents and Congresses.
  • schultz

    The truth about Lincoln’s ‘Third-Party’

    We ought to be honest about Honest Abe: his career demonstrates the durability of the two-party system, not the advantages of quixotic political experiments.
  • media

    The ‘news business’ becomes the ‘bad news business’

    The news business often becomes the bad news business, promoting an unduly pessimistic view of our country and the world.
  • Judge by conduct, not headgear

    The kids from Covington Catholic, the "Native Elder, the Indian activists, and the "Black Israelites"showed that expressions of First Amendment rights need not produce a meaningless melee.
  • serenity

    ‘Serenity’ is a disaster, but there are some nice tropical locations

    Michael Medved says "Serenity" is a disaster and makes not sense, but there are some nice tropical locations. There surely must be a better way to spend time this weekend.
  • citizen

    The title of U.S. citizen: A distinction that matters

    A federal judge in New York threw bureaucratic plans into turmoil when he blocked the Trump administration's decision to add a simple and appropriate question to the census for 2020.
  • immgrants

    Surprising facts about American immigrants

    In December, 2018, the non-partisan Pew Research Service finished a major study of foreign-born Americans that provides useful background for today's immigration debates.
  • Senate

    To hold power, GOP must win state-by-state battles

    To retain power in the Senate and Electoral College, the GOP needs a more positive, pragmatic problem-solving approach to broaden the party's base.
  • Hollywood

    Hollywood thanks Satan for shoddy work

    Christian Bale won a recent Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical for playing Dick Cheney in "Vice," and on claiming his prize he said, "Thank you, Satan for giving me inspiration for playing this role."
  • Impeachment dreams, national nightmares

    Democratic impeachment dreams will inevitably collide with a Constitution that makes removal of a president all but impossible.
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