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  • Equal justice for Seattle lawyer accused of several rapes?

    Has accused serial rapist Danford Grant gotten preferential treatment because both he and his wife are Seattle attorneys?
  • Seattle humor network, built with funny cat pictures, becomes a reality TV show

    A small Internet empire with a funny name has billions of page views on its network of 60 humor websites based in Seattle. Now, I Can Has Cheezburger has a reality TV show too.
  • Democracy and dollar signs – 2012 campaign spending

    Washington initiative campaigns spent $34 million trying to win your vote, while President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney spent a combined $30.33 every second this election cycle.
  • Chef Tom Douglas says ‘Seattle is a funny restaurant town’

    Chef and restaurateur Tom Douglas, with 13 Seattle restaurants and more on the way, says Seattle is a "funny restaurant town."
  • New ‘crazy’ conspiracy theory on Stennis Rear Admiral

    The Pentagon shoots down theories about why the commander of the USS Stennis Carrier Group was removed from duty and sent back to the homeport in Bremerton.
  • Seattle photographer comes face to face with a polar bear

    A wildlife photographer, who lives in Ballard, has taken thousands of stunning shots. None put him on "a razor's edge" more than a series of photos swimming with a polar bear.
  • ‘Prove it’ – Defense for solider accused of Afghan massacre

    Joint Base Lewis-McChord Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, a four-tour combat soldier accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians in March, faces an Article 32 hearing today.
  • Washington students elect Obama, Inslee and defeat pot

    Election results are already in for Washington students through a mock state-wide vote. You might be surprised with how they voted on the Initiatives.
  • Seattle Schools’ students are ‘thriving,’ despite evidence

    A report card on Seattle Public Schools' shows the district is not on track to reach any of the performance goals it set almost five years ago.
  • How to build a high school football powerhouse

    What makes one high school football program so much better than another? Does it all come down to money and parents, writing checks?