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  • This is what true grit looks like

    The NFL season is quickly approaching, and you're going to hear a lot about the toughness of players. But nothing compares to this.
  • Maj. Crecca, former POW, talks about B-52 restoration project

    Major Joe Crecca is one of five veterans who are dedicating their time to Project Welcome Home, an effort to restore a Vietnam War-era Boeing B-52. It isn’t just a side project for Maj. Crecca – this specific aircraft was one of a fleet of bombers that saved his life more than 40 years ago.
  • heat

    I’m conflicted about how to heat my house

    How do you decide to heat your home when it's cold? Thermostat down with sweaters on? Crank it up? Perhaps your family prefers the classic fire.
  • Cuba

    A Seattleite in Cuba: Ron’s journey to the island

    KIRO Radio's Ron Upshaw recently took advantage of the newly opened travel opportunities to Cuba. This is what he found on the formerly forbidden island.
  • Only 6 percent of top chefs are women, and some blame the lack of paid maternity leave

    The United States and Papua New Guinea are the only two industrialized nations that don't provide paid parental leave. And an article on Eater connects the dots between this and the huge lack of top tier female chefs.
  • This is what Don O’Neill found when he knocked on an RV door

    Don is taking a stand against the mayor's proposed RV safe lots, saying the city should instead be banning camping on the streets of Seattle.