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  • Stonehenge

    Time is our greatest currency; are you wasting it?

    Two times this week I caught myself saying to someone, "Can you believe it's almost September?"
  • 90% of spas and resorts won’t give massages and facials to people touched by cancer

    The nonprofit Wellness for Cancer is on a mission: to train as many of the world's spa practitioners, so they don't turn away those dealing with cancer.
  • social media

    Why you should post on social media when you change your mind

    About 14 percent of people have changed their minds because of something they saw on social media. People should start posting about when they have changed their mind.
  • shower thoughts

    Shower thoughts: Wildfires, Seattle music, and Paul Manafort

    In this edition of Ron Upshaw's Shower Thoughts, he considers all the wildfires and smoke around Seattle, Paul Manafort's legal strategy, and congratulates the new Seattle police chief.
  • wildfires

    Weather expert on wildfires: We did this to ourselves

    The many wildfires burning from California to British Columbia have many causes -- including generations of man-made missteps that have led to the current fiery predicament the West Coast faces.
  • Cleveland High School

    Don O’Neill: I am guilty of bullying

    We let it rip on the radio when it came to Superintendent Nyland and his staff. It wasn’t personal. It had to be done. for the kids at Cleveland High School.
  • Gen. McCaffrey says F-15s were ‘prepared to shoot’ down Richard Russell

    General Barry McCaffrey joined the Ron and Don Show on KIRO Radio to talk about how two F-15's responded so quickly to a stolen plane out of Sea-Tac Airport on Friday.
  • Robinson cano

    I’m rooting for Robinson Cano, but …

    I'm going to root for Robinson Cano because I want the team to do well, not necessarily because I'm a Cano fan.
  • aretha franklin

    Ron: Aretha Franklin is a once-in-a-generation talent

    There have been quite a few titans of music that have passed recently, Tom Petty, Chris Cornell, and Prince. I would argue that none of those men outshine The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin.
  • shower thoughts

    Shower thoughts: Pearl Jam, toxic trolls, and the Space Force

    In this edition of Ron Upshaw's Shower Thoughts: Do we need a Space Force? Why is it so hard to sleep when it's hot out? When will Twitter start addressing toxic content? And one of Ron's favorite Pearl Jam songs.
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