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Veteran's Day
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  • Veteran's Day

    Unwrapping Veteran’s Day, and what it means to us as Americans

    How should we think about Veterans Day 2018? With the backdrop of recent midterm elections, "Make America Great Again" hats, and National Anthem protests, the ideas of patriotism and what it means to be "American" have been jumbled as of late.
  • Daylight Saving Time

    Washington: Follow California’s lead and stay in Daylight Saving Time

    Over the last midterm election, California voted to remain in Daylight Saving Time year-round, and it's time Washington did the same.
  • Sex workers on Aurora

    Safe injection sites are coming, so why can’t Seattle tax sex workers?

    A recent report from KIRO 7 on sex workers on Seattle's infamous Aurora Ave. pulled back the curtain on the increased dangers in the profession. But is there a way the city could actually help?
  • beatles

    Do yourself a favor and listen to ‘The White Album’

    It was 50 years ago this month that The Beatles released their double album masterpiece, The White Album.
  • Woodlawn Cemetery

    Green burials can feel raw, cathartic and are easier on the environment

    KIRO Radio's traffic reporter Chris Sullivan tells the story of burying his best friend's mom, at what turned out to be a green burial. And Rachel Belle visits Snohomish's Woodlawn Cemetery, that has a special section just for green burials.
  • shooting

    When will America hit rock bottom on gun addiction?

    I'm sad and frustrated. I barely even read past the headline "12 Killed in California Shooting" before I just looked away.
  • snopes

    The founder of the fact checking website Snopes lives in Tacoma

    If you've ever asked the Internet a question like, "Is Tupac still alive?" or "Did an Indian woman gave birth to eleven baby boys all at once?" you've probably ended up at
  • Shower Thoughts with Ron Upshaw

    Shower Thoughts: Post-election hangover edition

    Good job on voting everybody -- your prize is going to be at least several years of total gridlock, name-calling, bitterness, lies, and inefficiency. So we all that that to look forward to, which is nice.
  • This midterm election in 2018 carries massive stakes

    There’s more at stake than ever in 2018’s midterm election

    It is interesting to me to see how motivated people are to exercise their constitutional right this time, and it feels like there's a lot riding on the midterm elections this year.
  • homeless rvs

    SDOT tells business owners to remove no-parking signs for homeless

    Business owner Air Hoffman received a letter from the city saying he cannot put up 'no-parking' signs to deter homeless people in RVs. He believes his rights are being violated.
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