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  • russell wilson

    Music is good for your head

    See if you can change your mood or boost your workout this weekend merely by switching up the music.
  • An apology expert on the right and wrong way to say ‘I’m Sorry’

    This week was Yom Kippur, the Jewish holiday of atonement. So I consulted with an apology expert on the proper way to apologize. She shares some of the worst public apologies of the year.
  • Friendship apps offer new pals, but also insecurity

    We use dating apps, so why not an app to find a new friend? But some women using the apps feel embarrassed by them.
  • target

    SPD investigating Target rampage response time

    Why did it take officers 15 minutes to arrive to a Seattle Target last month when a man went on a rampage? KIRO Radio's Ron and Don discuss the situation with Sgt. Sean Whitcomb.
  • youth detention

    Is there truly a road map to zero youth detention?

    King County Executive Dow Constantine has earmarked $4 million in an effort of "refusal to accept any kid as a lost cause" with a Roadmap to Zero Youth Detention.
  • stormy daniels

    Shower Thoughts: Bob Woodward or Stormy Daniels?

    I wonder which tell-all book will sell more copies, the one by Bob Woodward or the one by Stormy Daniels?
  • Why did it take SPD so long to respond to Target rampage?

    Surveillance video shows on Aug. 17 a 41-year-old man terrorizing employees, knocking over display cases, grabbing electronics, and throwing stuff down the escalator.
  • affordable housing

    Why isn’t Seattle building affordable housing?

    As summer turns to fall on another year, can we please have some leaders that stop talking about affordable housing and start building affordable housing?
  • moore

    Perspective of Seattle through the Moore Theater

    Years ago, I was on a crew at the Moore Theater, recording a Mad Season concert with Seattle music royalty. This week, I was on stage with Adam Carolla.
  • Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO

    Shower Thoughts: Does $2 billion from Bezos satisfy you?

    These are the random things that go through my head while fogging up the mirror. First up, Jeff Bezos just dropped $2 billion to help the homeless.
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