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  • ride the ducks

    I’m begging you not to Ride the Ducks

    Seventeen people were killed in an accident involving a Ride The Ducks boat in Missouri. KIRO Radio's Ron Upshaw says no one should Ride the Ducks, ever.
  • police

    Why people in Seattle like me have stopped calling 911

    Politicians will tell you crime is down in Seattle, but KIRO Radio's Don O'Neill says the truth is he didn’t call 911 when his truck was broken into. And many people are just like him.
  • CTE, football

    Ron: A few things to consider as football training camp starts

    Football training camp is about to start and it is exciting. But it also forces NFL fans to consider a few unsettling factors about their favorite sport and athletes.
  • single rose project

    Single Rose Project: Sammamish woman gave away free roses for a year

    Sammamish artist Carrie Schmitt was having a rough year. So she started "A Single Rose Project," where she gave a rose to a stranger everyday for a year. The result was a powerful social experiment.
  • shower thoughts

    Ron Upshaw’s shower thoughts: Words, weather, and fancy dinners

    Ron Upshaw considers complaining about the summer weather when we all just complained about the long rainy winter season in this edition of Shower Thoughts.
  • Did the President of the United States just commit treason?

    The question for everyone now, is did that press conference give aid and comfort to Russia? Did the president adhere to our enemy?
  • Podcast host Adam Carolla wants Hungarian food for his last meal

    Adam Carolla's podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, is the most downloaded of all time, according to the Guinness World Records. He told Rachel Belle he wants Hungarian food for his last meal.
  • sun, Seattle

    The best things around Seattle are free

    From the sunshine, the views, the lakes, and the hikes, the best things around Seattle are free. And now is the time to take advantage of why we live in the Northwest.
  • amazon

    Hostility to Amazon now taking the form of graffiti in Seattle

    Graffiti criticizing Amazon has been springing up all over the City of Seattle, including images such as "Amazon Get Out," "Die Techie" and "I'd Tax That."
  • Don

    The very first Ron & Don Show that only one person heard

    Technically, the very first Ron and Don radio show was for an audience of one, in the middle of nowhere. But it started something between two friends.
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