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Shower Thoughts with Ron Upshaw
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  • Shower Thoughts with Ron Upshaw

    Shower Thoughts: Post-election hangover edition

    Good job on voting everybody -- your prize is going to be at least several years of total gridlock, name-calling, bitterness, lies, and inefficiency. So we all that that to look forward to, which is nice.
  • This midterm election in 2018 carries massive stakes

    There’s more at stake than ever in 2018’s midterm election

    It is interesting to me to see how motivated people are to exercise their constitutional right this time, and it feels like there's a lot riding on the midterm elections this year.
  • homeless rvs

    SDOT tells business owners to remove no-parking signs for homeless

    Business owner Air Hoffman received a letter from the city saying he cannot put up 'no-parking' signs to deter homeless people in RVs. He believes his rights are being violated.
  • Why Daylight Saving needs to go

    Isn't there one brave senator that can draft the 2019 bill to stop being stupid and end this Daylight Saving fiasco?
  • KIRO 7 tracks the trio of Vancouver Island earthquakes, earthquake alert

    Washington is falling way behind California on earthquake safety

    The ShakeAlert -- earthquake alert -- system is designed to warn the West Coast in the moments before an earthquake strikes, but Washington state remains woefully under-prepared.
  • Time to ditch the mercy rule and teach kids how to lose

    There's a controversy afoot in youth hockey after the 8-year-old Jr. Rangers beat the Jr. Hawks 41-0.
  • seattle traffic

    Is the city putting new forms of ticketing over actual traffic fixes?

    The city is looking to expand traffic cameras to catch blocking-the-box violations. Is it another sign of city prioritizing ticketing over traffic solutions?
  • Shower Thoughts, Halloween Edition

    Shower Thoughts, Halloween Edition: Should you wear a costume to work?

    For this special Halloween edition of Shower Thoughts, we figure out how appropriate it is to wear a costume at work, the one candy you should never give out, and the advantages of leaving Facebook.
  • The evils of Halloween candy

    One of the biggest things I wish I could change about my life is my relationship with sugar. It’s a battle every day.
  • Confederate monument, make it right

    Group puts up billboard calling for removal of Seattle Confederate monument

    A group that advocates for the removal certain monuments in cities across the country is turning its attention to Seattle and its local Confederate monument.
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