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  • Obama’s former adviser, Dan Pfeiffer, on eating at the White House

    Dan Pfeiffer is the co-host of the popular podcast "Pod Save America," and he worked closely with President Barack Obama for six years. His new book is called "Yes We (Still) Can: Politics in the Age of Obama, Twitter, and Trump." He's the latest guest on Rachel Belle's Your Last Meal podcast.
  • dee snider

    Burned out? Lessons from Dee Snider

    I doubt it for most of us, but I ran across two stories this week at impressed me. Aging musical front men making a comeback.
  • Shower Thoughts: Bob Woodward is not fake news

    In this edition of Ron Upshaw's Shower Thoughts, Ron considers Portland's new electric scooters and homeless problem, and issues from the sports world.
  • construction

    We can’t build our way out of affordable housing

    The Midterm Election season is upon us and the national media is focused on the Red Wave vs. The Blue Wave and Supreme Court nominations. At the local level, officials are being hounded more by pressing issues like housing costs.
  • Fremont Bridge

    Are drawbridges annoying or part of Seattle’s character?

    So should we just do away with drawbridges in Seattle? Or is it part of the city's charm?
  • seattle home prices

    With Seattle now second to Vegas in home prices, is relief on the way?

    Las Vegas recently overtook Seattle as the nation's hottest housing market, but is Seattle's cooling market a blip?
  • fans

    We say we don’t care about the NFL, but don’t mean it

    So there's a new Wall Street Journal poll that says fans are less interested in the NFL than they use to be.
  • The not-so-super experience of being a supertaster

    Being a supertaster means you have four to five more taste buds than the average person. So food and drink with bitter companants, like coffee and Brusses sprouts, are often far to strong for their liking.
  • ordnance

    More details on mystery mine found floating in Puget Sound

    The Navy says a mine floating near the Brownsville marina on Tuesday was an inert training mine from an exercise back in 2005.
  • Shower Thoughts: Softening to unions

    Oh man, I really needed a hot shower this morning. These are some of the random thoughts that bounced through my head.
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