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  • Nintendo

    One tiny toy brought back memories of BMX bikes and Donkey Kong Jr.

    How one simple Nintendo item was able to bring back a flood of adolescent memories -- from BMX bikes, Bubble Bobble and Donkey Kong Jr., to the smell of bubble gum when you open a pack of baseball cards.
  • trade war

    Brace yourself, a trade war is coming

    Let's look no further than recycling to consider how this trade war could go. America has been completely caught flat footed by China's rejection of our recyclables.
  • In Seattle, it can be harder to become a dog walker than a babysitter

    KIRO Nights talk show host, Zak Burns, describes the long and thorough process he went through to become a dog walker at Rover, where only one in five applicants are approved.
  • American pride

    What makes you particularly proud to be an American?

    A recent poll shows that less than half of Americans say they are particularly proud to be an American. Maybe it's time to think on what kind of country we want to be proud of.
  • Major Taylor Project empowering youth for STP ride

    Ed Ewing, Major Taylor Project Advisory Council Manager, will join KIRO Radio's Ron and Don Show to discuss the Seattle To Porland ride next weekend.
  • tent mansion

    7 questions as Seattle’s ‘tent mansion’ is dismantled

    The infamous "Tent Mansion" in downtown Seattle (Third and Broad) is finally being removed. So KIRO Radio's Don O'Neill has a few questions.
  • amazon

    What is reasonable for an employer to ask of an employee?

    After more news about working conditions at Amazon fulfillment centers, Ron asks what is reasonable for an employer to ask from an employee.
  • pioneer square

    Seattle reporter attacked during Pioneer Square interview

    KIRO 7 Reporter Gary Horcher was talking with people on the street, reporting on assaults on Seattle firefighters in Pioneer Square, when his own crew was attacked.
  • seattle

    Do you know this Seattle robbery, kidnapping suspect?

    Seattle police detectives are searching for a robbery and kidnapping suspect who took a car with a 16-year-old girl inside.
  • Ron gives us all a mission for the weekend

    Do something unexpectedly kind for a stranger this weekend. Being kind in the face of frustration is a uniquely human practice.
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